This Is Who's Thinking About Sex The Most

Do you ever read something on the internet and think, "That is me. I'm in the computer."? Well that just happened, because apparently there is link between emoji usage and how often you think about sex. And emojis and sex are two of my favorite things. I use emojis all the time. I think about sex all the time. My friends all use loads of emojis, and they're all horny badasses. Even my mom loves emojis... maybe I don't want to think about that one.

But could it be true? Is there a link? According to a new survey from Match of 5,000 people, there is one. Medical Daily says that "36 to 40 percent of people who think about sex several times a day use more than one emoji in every text", where as people who never thought about sex used fewer, as did people who only think about sex around once a month.

So emoji usage shows how much you have sex on the brain, which if you're like me is pretty much constantly. And it's not just that— an earlier study by Match showed that people who use emojis have more sex than those who don't. So it's not just that we have dirty minds, we're doing the dirty as well. But we're also more likely to get married, so basically emojis are decide your destiny.

We probably all have our favorite emoji— although I was upset to find that most people avoid the monkey of shame, the best emoji in my opinion. But some of them are a little hackneyed— the survey found over half of us use the winky face to flirt, so it's time to get more original.

Here are some other emojis to up your sexting game:

1. Love Eyes

I like this one way more than winky face, though it's similarly cheesy. It's like a text saying "hubba hubba" or something else you would do to Jessica Rabbit. It shows a whole lot of appreciation for whatever they're saying... or showing.

2. Lipstick And Lingerie

Sometimes you need to set the mood. It's more flirty than sexy, but sometimes you need to feel out if the other person is ready for sexting. You can do it with a little music and wine emoji or you can do it with this "let me slip into something more a little more comfortable" combo.

3. Straightforward

And sometimes, you don't want to set the mood. You just want to go for it. It's not subtle, it's not clever, but it's a classic. Add a question mark at the end for a: "So...?" vibe, to see if you're partner is in the mood.

4. Phallic Symbols For Days

There are basically loads of emojis that look like penises. (And some great ways to make a vagina emoji.) My favorite is the banana, but apparently the eggplant emoji has become so synonymous with sexting that it was banned from Instagram search algorithms, according to Medical Daily. But you can take advantage of it.

5. Lips And Tongue

Lips and tongues are a very important part of sexting, so why aren't you using them in your sexting game? You have a few different lip options, and yeah the tongue isn't partially sexy, but it gets your point across.

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