Your Musical 'Galavant' Refresher Is Here

Do you enjoy adventure, romance, and medieval characters randomly bursting into song and dance numbers? Then there's a good chance that you immediately fell in love with ABC's fairytale series Galavant when it first premiered last January. But considering that the series debuted well over a year ago, odds are you may need a bit of a Galavant Season 1 plot refresher before we dive right into Season 2. (That's where I come in.) It all started when the charming and heroic knight, Sir Galavant lost his one true love Madalena to the evil King Richard who had stolen her away from him. Naturally, he feel into a drunken state of depression, but was inspired to reclaim his knighthood when the lovely Princess Isabella enlisted him on a quest to save her kingdom from Richard's wrath and reunite with his lady love.

Of course, things didn't exactly work out according to plan. Like with any good fairytale road trip, Galavant and Isabella developed feelings for one another and Madalena proved to be much more ruthless and manipulative than Galavant ever realized. And while Gal and Izzy eventually locked lips, their happily ever after was over before it could even begin. Not only did Madalena end up killing Richard's older brother Kingsley and taking over the throne with Gareth, but Izzy was captured and locked away by her young prince of a cousin/fiance. Sounds like a job for Galavant and his new surprising BFF Richard!

And that's pretty much it, my friends. However, these descriptions can't fully do Season 1 justice, given that the majority of the storyline was carried out through musical melodies. So in honor of that, here are some of the best Season 1 songs that will help further describe the plot and get you pumped for the hysterical hijinks of Season 2.

1. "Maybe You're Not The Worst Thing Ever"

Further proof that there really is a fine line between love and hate.

2. "Jackass In A Can"

Everyone deserves to be taken down a peg or two on occasion and Galavant is no exception. This little number helped our knight see life from a different perspective and I'd say he's all the better for it.

3. "Hey, Hey, We're The Monks"

Some monks take a vow of silence, but Valencia monks take a vow of singing. Also, Weird Al!

4. "Secret Mission"

Nothing like a song about murder to help bring two former enemies together. And thus, a bromance was born.

5. "I Love You As Much As Someone Like Me Can Love Anyone"

Romantic? No way. Hilarious? Absolutely!

6. "Togetherness"

Hidden secrets and feelings bubble to the surface during this little vocal ditty.

7. "Lords Of The Sea"

Because, honestly, you just can't go wrong with a good old-fashioned pirate shanty.

8. "Previously On Galavant"

Not only does this serve as a nice little recap, but it's done completely in rhyme!

9. "No One But You"

Her intentions may be vindictive, but the message sound advice: sometimes the best assistance comes from within.

But now enough about the past,

Season 2 is approaching fast.

It's time to welcome back, Galavant!

Get ready to burst into song,

I hope things don't go wrong.

For this musical series known as Galavant!

Image: Angus Young/ABC