What Should Your 2016 New Year's Resolution Be?

It's the beginning of 2016, which means it's time to make your annual list of new year's resolutions. Looking for a little inspiration myself, I decided to see what everyone had planned in the "self-improvement" department this year. So, I presented the question to (who else?) my Facebook friends and acquaintances: What is your 2016 new year's resolution? The responses I received came from everyone from my sixth grade history teacher to my best friend — and even though it may sound cheesy, hearing what they had to say totally motivated me to change up my promises for 2016.

Whether you had an amazing 2015 or a not-so-amazing one, new year's resolutions are a good way to reflect a little, and let your mistakes of the past go. If you think about it, it's kind of cathartic. You get an entirely new year to wipe your slate clean and start over again — but, you also don't have to turn into a walking Pinterest board, and promise to be the ~*best version*~ of yourself. Instead, think of this as a way to focus on yourself, relish in the things you like, and see where you'd like to experience more success.

Now is the time to make real, fair, and tangible goals — that means swapping vague statements like "I'm going to live a healthy lifestyle" with something more specific, like "I'm going to drink eight glasses of water a day, and eat my veggies three times a week." Instead of making a promise like "I'm going to pay off my student loans," try saying "I'm going to sock away 10 percent (or, whatever) of my paycheck each month."

Looking for some ideas? Here are 10 real resolutions people are making for 2016:

1. "Learn how to create a budget that works for me."

— Megan M., 22

2. "Spend more time with my daughter."

— Kelsey W., 23

3. "Make time to read a book a month, for pleasure."

— Morgan G., 24

4. "Make it to the gym more."

—Marcia H.

5. "Find a better work-life balance."

— Kristin P., 25

6. "Quit smoking."

— Ana M., 24

7. "Lose fear and anxiety."

— Martha S.

8. "Dedicate more time to my faith."

— Brenda L.

9. "Ask for the pay raise I deserve."

— Anonymous

10. "Learn how to say no to more people."

— Emily K., 27

Images: Pixabay; Giphy (10)