15 Kylo Ren Hair Tweets That All ‘Star Wars’ Fans Will Appreciate

If you've seen the new Star Wars movie, you certainly noticed the new big bad, Kylo Ren. You probably also noticed Kylo Ren's hair, which managed to remain incredibly on fleek. It's not exactly surprising that his hair is so great, considering he has been dubbed the newest Disney prince. Everyone knows that the one universal requirement to qualify for Disney prince status is great hair.

But seriously, basically all Disney princes and princesses have given me unrealistic expectations when it comes to hair. It's always flowing in the wind and somehow defying gravity no matter what they're doing or the weather. I still don't understand how Ariel didn't look like a drowned rat for the entirety of The Little Mermaid. It looks like Kylo Ren fits the bill, because his hair is seriously all of the goals. He must take after another iconic Star Wars character when it comes to styling skills. I mean, I don't think anyone will ever forget Princess Leia's famous buns.

Kylo Ren might be a super villain in The Force Awakens, but his hair was is just super. I mean, there's practically a fan club for his hair alone. People on Twitter can't stop talking about it. From asking whether his hair is dyed to discussing how suspicious it is that his hair is so glorious even after wearing a helmet all day, there are so many great tweets about Kylo Ren's locks. There's no question that Kylo Ren seriously works his 'do, like the Star Wars version of Jon Snow. Here's to hoping we'll see him rock a man bun in the next movie!

Beware of hair spoilers below:

1. Hair Dye

2. So Mysterious

3. Got That Hair Flip

4. Making Hair Waves

5. 100% Hair

6. Snape Vibes

7. More Volume

8. Genetics Don't Add Up

9. Conditioned Hair is Key

10. Use of the Force

11. Emotional Hair

12. Black Coat & Greasy Hair

13. No Helmut Hair Here

14. Kylo Ren, Angsty Teen

15. So Transfixed

Image: Disney