Will "Facts" Be On Kanye West's New Album? He Remains Tight-Lipped

Well, I almost feel like we should expect this every New Year's Eve from Kanye West at this point. Not to be upstaged by the worldwide celebration of the passing of time, for the second year in a row, Yeezy has dropped a surprise single to close out the preceeding year. This year, 2015 ended with the release of his new single, "Facts". The track is basically a giant braggy, name dropping, pop culture explosion and seems to have been produced very recently, as it contains some references to extremely recent events with lyrics like "Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby?/ Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey?". There is much to digest in the single but everyone seems to have one burning question in response to the release: Will "Facts" be on Kanye's highly anticipated new album?

The answer is not yet known, unfortunately. Kanye even teases into the speculation in some lyrics from "Facts", saying, "I ain't dropped the album but the shoes went platinum". In true Kayne fashion, he hasn't come out with anymore information about the elusive new album, except that it's possible name will be, "Swish". If we are speculating here, I wouldn't be surprised if "Facts" became a part of the anticipated new album because of its high profile release and all around Kanye-ness that the track evokes. The problem with using any kind of logic here is, he also released a single ("Only One") this time last year and we are still no closer to an album release. So we really get thrown back to square one again.

Since we may never know when the new album drops, let's take a look at some of the most Kanye lyrics in his latest track, "Facts".

"2020, I'ma run the whole election, yah!"


Well, he's really hanging on to the "running for president" thing. Watch out, America! If he promises everyone a flower wall, then I'm sold.

"I've been trending years, y'all a couple days"


Ah, the equivalent of "I have more Twitter followers than you".

"10 thousand dollar fur for Nori, I just copped it (Yo!) Your baby daddy won't even take your daughter shoppin' (Yo!)"


That's so Kanye, I can't even properly deal with it. The worst part is that I completely believe that North West has a $10,000 fur coat. I don't think that's hyperbole at all.

"Plus Kimoji just shut down the app store, uh! And we made a million a minute, we made a million a minute (We did) Yeah, we made a million a minute, we made a million a minute, ah!"


Ok, I retract my previous statement when I said that if Kanye becomes president I want a flower wall of my very own. I now request some of that Kimoji money if he wants my vote.

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