9 'Bachelor' 2016 Contestants With Tattoos

by Alaina Urquhart-White

As a late convert to everything related to The Bachelor, I was wholly unaware of what a big part contestants' tattoos play on The Bachelor. I mean sure, some of the art that these people are sporting is questionable at best (I am lookin' at you Bachelor In Paradise contestant JJ), but some of them aren't all that bad. From the looks of things, the ladies competing for Ben Higgins' heart on this season of The Bachelor seem to be sporting their fair share of ink and they seem to be favoring quotes as their art of choice. Ben Higgins himself even a quote tattoo inscribed on his body.

He has been pretty upfront with how important his religion is to him and has even stated that finding someone who shares those same religious beliefs is pretty high on his list of qualities he's looking for in a mate. His tattoo reflects these deep rooted convictions, as OKHereIsTheSituation discovered it's a bible verse from Proverbs 16:3. So hopefully his own venture into the land of ink makes him more accepting of his contending ladies who also sport some, because tattoos are so NBD and they shouldn't even factor in to anything besides being cool to look at.

These are the women who have tattoos this season, according to their Bachelor bios:

1. Becca Tilley

Becca has two tattoos. She doesn't give any idea what they are, and a thorough scan of her Instagram led to not one picture where any tattoo was visible. If I had to guess what she has inked on her, I think there is a feather and some quote about loving yourself. I couldn't/wouldn't even begin to speculate where they may be placed because even several bikini photos don't show them.

2. Caila Quinn

Caila has one tiny tattoo that is really pretty. It is on her right hip and is a depiction of the Hawaiian islands. Really well done and adorable!

3. Jami Letain

Jami claimed to have three tattoos but after an exhaustive search, I could only find a photo of one of them. It looks to be a quote written down the left side of her back, but I can't make out what it says. Where the hell are the other two? What are they of? Well, I am guessing one of them is of a cat. That's my best guess at this point. Meow.

4. Jessica Moser

Jessica said that she has one tattoo. There is no sign of it on her Instagram but I think I could make a decent educated guess. Either it's "Namaste," because yoga, or it's a bunch of math equations because she is an accountant. I am leaning towards the math equations.

5. Lace Morris

Lace seems like a wild card, huh? She has two tattoos and I was able to find pictures of both of them (finally!). One of them is a quote/couple of words on her right hip/abdomen. The second one is an infinity symbol on her finger because she wants to remember to love herself. Not sure how those two ideas connect, but rock on!

6. Lauren "LB" Barr

Lauren has one tattoo that is nowhere to be found. These ladies really hide their ink well. If I had to guess, I would say that it's something related to fashion or something trendy like a feather/arrow. She is a fashion buyer, so it seems likely that she would be into the latest trends.

7. Lauren Bushnell

Lauren has one tattoo and surprise! It's nowhere to be found on her Instagram. Since she is a flight attendant, I am one hundred percent positive it must be a plane or a bag of those little peanuts you get on flights. Right? Right.

8. Leah Block

Leah apparently has two doves tattooed on the backs of her calves and she's not loving them so much anymore. Her bio revealed she is planning to have laser surgery to remove them, which is probably why she doesn't have any photos showing them off. Tattoos are forever, friends! Choose wisely!

9. Samantha Passmore

Samantha is sporting one tattoo and it appears to be on her right foot. I can't quite make out what it is, and, to be honest, after I had spent an absurd amount of time scanning her pictures of photos of her bare feet...I started to feel weird. So let's just say it's a scale of justice or something, since she's a lawyer. Boom.

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