11 Ways Seth Cohen Captures Your Post-Winter Break Blues, Because We All Experience The Summer Flu

No matter how much you adore your job or how stoked you are to see your school friends, there's no denying that the first Monday in the new year is the worst day in the world. Like, not to be dramatic or anything, but I had to blast a heap of aggressive pop punk this morning just to feel again (my landlady was not pleased). Failing that, I play to medicate with a heap of O.C. episodes after my shift today. After all, our fictional California boyfriend Seth Cohen totally gets your post-winter break sadness.

Lest we forget, Seth had the ultimate feeling of dread when he had to return to the Harbor School after Thanksgiving Break 2003. History (and Ryan) will label his fake sickness as a case of the "Summer flu," a disease brought on when you unsuccessfully two-time on Turkey Day. Omg, Cohen. But of course you can relate: you've been trying to dodge your co-worker all morning after that sloppy-drunk make out during the office holiday party. If you can't get out of your next meeting, you're definitely bringing a Summer flu on, Seth Cohen style, Dandy Warhols playing in the background.

Until then, let's have a whole angst fest with the demo heartthrob. Here are all the ways Seth Cohen summarizes your post-winter break sadness.

1. When You Have To Wake Up Before 11 AM.


Oh my god, you forgot what it was like to live with an alarm.

2. When You're On Your Morning Commute Pre-Coffee.


You really wish you had time to pick up some Starbucks, but that luxury flew out the door around the fourth time you hit the snooze button.

3. When You Expertly Feign The Same Enthusiasm When She Greets You This Morning.


Well, at least somebody got their coffee today.

4. When Your Office Bestie And You Are Lamenting The Return To H&M Business Casual.


It feels like only yesterday that you were the queen of a pantsless paradise.

5. When Your Asked Your Thoughts On Next Week's Big Presentation.


You have no idea what project Meredith is referring to, you just hope that you gave her the right facial expression.

6. When Your Boss Calls On You During A Meeting And You're Just Like, "Synergy?"


You're pretty sure you were sleeping sitting up for the past two minutes, and now the whole team knows.

7. When Katie From Sales Starts Chatting You Up About How Her Boyfriend Totally Popped The Question This Christmas.


We know, Katie, you saw the Facebook post, you liked the Facebook post, she's barking up the wrong tree if she expects more enthusiasm than that right now.

8. When You And The Office Bestie Sneak Out For A Prolonged Chipotle Run.


Go, go, go, go, don't let anyone see you!

9. When GODDAMMIT There's The Guy You Made Out With During The Office Party At The Water Cooler.


Hiiiii Steve, how was your vacation, just going to go over here and die now. Ugh, and with 30 minutes to spare, too.

10. When You're Not Getting A Response To The Last Work Email Of The Day.

You just want to get a thumbs up on your work so you can leave, this is torture.

11. When The Clock Strikes Five And You Can Finally Bounce Out Of There.


Ugh, thank god, you have hot date with CW seed when you get home.

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