What Will Lena Dunham Do After 'Girls' Ends?

by Kadeen Griffiths

The word on the street is pretty alarming for fans of the HBO show Girls. Apparently, Girls Season 6 will be the final season, although there's no official confirmation from the creators of the show itself as of yet. Sure, Lena Dunham has spoken about life after Girls before, signaling to fans that the show had some sort of end date, but who knew it would be so soon? (Or so far, considering the show has yet to debut its upcoming fifth season.) As the creator, director, writer, executive producer, and face of the main character Hannah Horvath, Dunham, above all other cast members, might be the one whose future people are most curious about. I mean, what is Dunham going to do after Girls ends, anyway? The show has brought her as much fame and controversy as her entire personality has, so, without it, what will be left?

As it turns out, a lot. After all, Girls might be one of Dunham's most recognizable projects, but it's only one of her most recognizable projects. In an interview with EW, Dunham said, "It’s always been important to us that we know and understand when it’s time to wrap it up. It is about a very specific time in life and we don’t want to push past that or overextend it. We’re going to feel it out." Since then, and even leading up to that interview, Dunham has had a lot on her plate, and done a lot that makes it pretty easy to guess what the future holds for the actress. So, what will she be doing after Girls ends? Well...

1. Lenny Letter

The newsletter launched by Dunham in 2015 has thus far been the home to such recognizable writing as Jennifer Lawrence's gender wage gap essay, and it only continues to get more and more interesting from there. Lenny Letter is still going strong, and featuring even more celebrity women with things on their mind, ready and willing to let it all out.

2. Another Project

In addition to having done Girls, Dunham and Girls co-creator Jenni Konner will be creating another comedy for HBO called Max. In addition, Dunham has branched out into everything from podcasts to newsletters to book writing to radio dramas, so it's not a matter of what new thing she'll work on next, but, you know, when.

3. Women Of The Hour

Dunham's podcast has been subject to all kinds of acclaim. Sure, it was just a miniseries, and is over now, but, hey. With her schedule cleared after Girls ends, who's to say that she won't launch a second series of the show?

4. A Second Book

Does anyone out there think that Dunham has run out of things to say since the 2014 publishing of her book Not That Kind Of Girl? No one? That's what I thought.

5. Activism

Activism is a pretty big part of what Dunham does with her time now, and many of the things that she supports or endorses are feminist or feminist-related. Who can forget when she interviewed Hillary Clinton, and Clinton proudly declared herself to be a feminist in that interview?

6. Collaborations With Friends

OK, this is just wishful thinking on my part, but many of Dunham's projects involve collaborating with other famous ladies that people idolize. Who's to say that's going to stop if Girls does? Will we finally see her in a Taylor Swift music video for more than four seconds? The world is her oyster.

For now, I wouldn't panic. We don't know for sure that Girls is ending, so the urge to cry or scream should be stifled until then. However, if the sixth season of Girls really is the last season of girls, then we don't need to worry about Lena Dunham. We just have to worry about having the money to afford all the new work she'll be putting out.