The Craziest Ways People Landed A First Date

by Emma McGowan

No matter if they’re gay, straight, poly, or monogamous, every couple gets asked one question: “How did you meet?" My boyfriend and I have our answer down pat because it’s pretty much inevitable in any new social situation. But why is that? Why are we always asking and answering that question? I think it’s partly because most of us love a good love story but it’s also because the answer is kind of instructional. Human beings are constantly searching for love and one way to find it is by imitating what couples we view as successful have already done.

And, you know, it also gives people hope. Being single and wanting to be coupled can feel really hard and hopeless at times. If you’re a hopeless romantic (like me) you go through every day wondering if each person could be your next person. You swipe away on Tinder and consider paying for a Match account, because bloggers tell you that’s where you’ll find someone “serious.” You say “yes” to dates you’re not that excited about because what if? It’s wearing and hard and sometimes it’s nice to hear that love can show up in unexpected places.

Seriously, think about the last really good "how we met" story you heard. Maybe it's like my friend who joined a pickup soccer game in Buenos Aires in order to improve her Spanish and who ultimately walked away with a husband. Or it could be like my parents, who met when my mom was my dad's pottery teacher in college. (Scandal!!) And don't you really, truly want to find that couple that actually met at the grocery store?? Ugh; ultimate meet cute.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share the craziest ways that seven different Reddit users landed a first date. Use their stories as inspiration — or just for a good laugh.

1. "An Old Testament Level Flood"

D'awww. It's better than a movie!

2. The Old "Here, Take My Card..."

I'm going to have to disagree with you on the creepiness factor, art student. He definitely wanted you to get in touch.

3. Sharknado

Hey, whatever works.

4. Who Says Guys Has To Make The First Move?

Be bold and mighty forces (or at least good "how we met" stories) will come to your aid.

5. Awesome Activities Definitely Help

I mean, who's gonna say no to that??

6. Sometimes Internet Stalking DOES Pay Off!

Creepy or badass? You decide.

7. Didn't Get The Room But...

Hey, at least that visit wasn't a total time waste!

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