'Bily On The Street' Renewed For Season 5

The streets of New York will be unsafe for pedestrians with a low pop culture IQ for another year, and I could not be happier about it. Billy on the Street Season 5 is coming to truTV in late 2016 with 10 more half hour episodes of comedian Billy Eichner surprising passersby with celebrities, rapid fire questions, and a sketchpad. While the game show (with basically no prize besides not looking like an idiot on TV) looks like it would be insanely stressful in real life, watching Eichner confuse the citizens and visitors of New York City has become one of TV's greatest pleasures. Remember the time everyone wanted to have sex with Paul Rudd? Genius.

Knowing 2016 will bring more of Eichner's comedic ambushes makes me feel 100 percent better about the year ahead. The world is a much happier place when Eichner is ecstatically ramming microphones into unsuspecting strangers' faces. To celebrate the joy a fifth season of Billy on the Street will bring to your lives, let's take a look back at the show's most hilarious segments so far. And yes, Paul Rudd is number one because the adorable Rudd was basically the best sport ever, and, as Eichner pointed out, his eyes are beautiful.

1. Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?

I don't know which is better, the two women who both admit they would have sex with Rudd for free (and possibly together) or the man who tries to negotiate Eichner up to five bucks, probably so he can get a Subway sandwich out of the deal.

2. No One Knows Who Chris Pratt Is

New Yorkers are so out of touch with blockbusters that they had no idea who Pratt was when he was standing right in front of them. That's OK, Pratt, it made for a hilarious segment, and, if I ever bump into you on the street, I would definitely know who you are.

3. LaTina Fey

"She ran off like some hyena who knows Jon Hamm!"

4. Name A Woman

In this segment, Eichner flusters a woman so much she cannot name a woman. This stuff just cannot be made up.

5. Christmas With Will Ferrell

Ferrell and Eichner try to give a man a bail of hay, everyone forgets Bill Murray was in Scrooged, and one guy says Happy Easter. It's pure holiday pandemonium.

6. The End Of How I Met Your Mother

The devastation of the end of How I Met Your Mother is almost too much for New Yorkers to take.

7. It's Not Pitbull — It's Amy Poehler!

Amy Poehler is and always will be better than Pitbull, and at least one New Yorker agrees. The rest probably thought they were about to be robbed.

Just think of all the new Billy on the Street segments in your future! Happiness is real, guys.

Image: truTV