Questions About The 'Gilmore Girls' Set Photos

by Amy Mackelden

2016 is already proving to be a fantastic year, especially as several people on Twitter have been to the Warner Bros. lot (excuse me, but where was my invite?!) and spotted less-than-subtle signs that Gilmore Girls is in fact happening, and soon! While Netflix and Warner Bros. are yet to officially confirm a Gilmore Girls reboot (which is rumored to consist of several 90-minute long episodes), fans have been pretty stoked since the alleged news started spreading like wildfire. With stars like Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel tweeting about the possibility of a revival, shy of that OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT WE'RE STILL WAITING FOR, a Gilmore Girls reunion has seemed firmly on the cards since late 2015. And, now, thanks to the generosity of people on Twitter, we seem to have Gilmore Girls set photos as photographic proof that the reunion is happening.

Several people have recently posted photos of the Warner Bros. lot and, more specifically, buildings from the set of Gilmore Girls . While other shows like Pretty Little Liars regularly film on the same set, signage around the lot explicitly says "Gilmore Girls 2016." Based on the photos, what questions are we left with about the potential Gilmore Girls reunion? Are there any clues buried in the photographic evidence?

1. Does This Mean Luke's Diner Is Still Open And Run By Luke?

Based on the photographic evidence, it appears that Luke's is definitely still open, with the set being refurbished as we speak. The exterior is being repainted its usual magnolia/cream color, and the interior is being decked out too. But does Luke himself still run the diner? Does Lorelai Gilmore frequent the joint drinking copious amounts of coffee? And, more importantly, are Luke and Lorelai a couple or not? Please tell us. Now.

2. If Luke And Lizzy Live Together, Where Does That Leave Lorelai?

This photo posted on Facebook shows a crate with a sign on the side that reads "INT. LIZZY'S & LUKE'S HOUSE" appearing to confirm an important detail about the yet-to-be-confirmed Gilmore Girls reunion. Luke lives with his sister Liz Danes, and not Lorelai Gilmore. Does this mean that Lorelai and Luke are not together? Is Lorelai shacked up with somebody else? What does this all mean?

3. Does Miss Patty Still Run Miss Patty's School Of Ballet?

Another Twitter sighting, this time of the exterior of Miss Patty's dance studio. Does the fresh coat of paint mean that Miss Patty is still running dance lessons in the building, or has someone else taken over?

4. If Kim's Antique Store Is Still Open, Does Kim Run It, Or Has Lane Taken Over?

Sure to be filled with trinkets, and also getting an image makeover to restore it to its Gilmore Girls style, what's changed for the Kims since we last saw the residents of Stars Hollow? And who runs Kim's Antiques now?

5. Does This Reserved Parking Space Mean That Filming Has Started?

From a Tweet dated December 14, 2015, the reserved sign certainly makes it look as though something Gilmore Girls related is taking place. So has the series secretly started filming new episodes already?

While we await further clues, as well as that long-awaited official announcement that Gilmore Girls is indeed coming back, I suggest that anyone nearby books a tour to the WB lot immediately, if only for sightings of Lauren Graham and co.

Image: Warner Bros. Television