It’s Hard To Go To Bachelor Live’

In case you haven’t noticed, The Bachelor (and Chris Harrison) have pretty much taken over our lives. What started as a one hour show has turned into a two hour show, with three spinoff shows and an after show. Now, Bachelor Live airs on Mondays after The Bachelor. Unfortunately, fans will be sad to learn that it’s only happening after the first few episodes of Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor while Castle is on hiatus. Fans may have learned over the years that if you plan accordingly, you can try to get on (or win) tickets to the Women Tell All or After The Final Rose , but Bachelor Live is opening a whole new door for fans who want to see the show. The question is: How do fans get to attend Bachelor Live ? As it turns out, it’s not as easy as you might think it would be.

That's a shame because Bachelor Live is actually pretty cool. This season, for the first time, The Bachelor added a live after show where Chris Harrison sits down with celebrity Bachelor fans and cast members to talk about the episode everyone just watched. The idea first started during Bachelor In Paradise where an after show aired on Monday nights with Chris Harrison and Jenny Mollen. It must have been a success because ABC brought it back for the new season. Of course, I am one of those people who are completely on board. Anything for more Chris Harrison.

Bustle reached out to the Bachelor Live publicist to ask how a fan would be able to get on the show, but never received a reply, so I started researching the topic on my own and came up with less than stellar results. It looks like the only place you can sign up for tickets is On-Camera-Audiences.com and those are all currently on a waitlist. I mean, it makes sense considering people probably went on to get tickets the day the show was announced. You can join the wait list and cross your fingers that someone may drop out.

It’s probably a good time to start looking out for Bachelorette Live tickets. You never know when that’s going to pop up, but On-Camera-Audiences.com is pretty solid for finding tickets to live shows. In the spirit of planning ahead, there is also site set up for After Paradise tickets, where you can join the waitlist now for August.

In the meantime, you can always attempt to call in and ask questions on Bachelor Live. You can dial 1-844-ROSE-TALK to speak to Chris Harrison, and, if you’re lucky, Ben Higgins. I bet it’s not easy to get through, but keep trying and don’t give up. You can also tweet questions and #TheBachelor, which may give you a little bit more luck. Or, just tweet at contestants directly. They love chatting with fans and I put together a list of all The Bachelor contestants' social media pages.

Good luck Bachelor nation. I hope you get to ask Ben all your wonderful questions.

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Images: ABC/Todd Wawrychuck; Giphy (2)