Lady Gaga Forgot To Thank Her Fiance At The Globes

While her Little Monsters are freaking out over Lady Gaga's Golden Globes win for American Horror Story: Hotel , there are some fans who are really upset with her — and not because they didn't think she shouldn't have won. During her acceptance speech, Lady Gaga didn't thank her fiancé Taylor Kinney. Wait. What? How is that even possible? Aren't these two so over the moon in love? Wouldn't he get his very own shoutout?

Look, I know she was completely overwhelmed, was super busy reflecting about how she felt like Cher (the singer, not the character from Clueless), and telling everyone about her dreams to become an actor before a singer, but how did the man she's about to marry slip her mind? Obviously, this doesn't mean she doesn't love him, but still, it's something she might have to apologize for later. However, knowing Kinney, he's probably all like, "Stefanie, it's OK, I love you and am so proud of you."

It doesn't help that Kinney mentioned Gaga during his People's Choice Award win. He revealed how much she inspires him and couldn't imagine his life without her. That was at the PCAs, which is pretty much known as an awards show no one really watches. Gaga couldn't even say "Thank you, Taylor," at the Globes, aka a HUGE awards show? Yikes!

Here's hoping Kinney forgives Gaga so they don't have some "Bad Romance" tonight!