How To Listen To 'Blackstar' Right Now

This week got off to an absolutely tragic start, with the news that music legend David Bowie had died of cancer devastating fans across the globe. The iconic singer's work had reached millions over the course of his career, and it'll be a long time before many can come to terms with the fact that he is no longer here. The only consolation is the amount of music that he left behind; 25 albums, many of which are considered must-haves by music fans, and one of which, Blackstar, was released just a few days ago, on Jan. 8. For those wondering how to stream Blackstar and hear Bowie's last contribution to music, there's one current option, although more will likely follow in the wake of the musician's death.

To hear Blackstar for free in its entirety, you can go on Spotify, where the seven tracks of the album (not including an eighth bonus track, only available on digital download) are available. As for other sites, both Apple Music and Google Play feature the record, but at this time, only available for purchase. Yet if you need an option other than Spotify, Stereogum compiled links to each song off Blackstar , so all fans should be able to listen to this acclaimed last album.

Although Blackstar has only been out for a short number of days, it's received serious praise from music outlets. Rolling Stone gave it four out of five stars, calling it "Bowie's best anti-pop masterpiece since the Seventies"; The New York Times labeled it as "strange, daring," and "ultimately rewarding." As for audiences, Blackstar is reportedly already expected to hit #1 on the charts by the end of the week, a figure Official Charts states was likely to occur even before Bowie's death. Yet in the wake of his passing, it's probable that the album will not only hit #1, but stay there for long, as many fans will choose to honor Bowie by supporting his last major musical endeavor.

To celebrate Bowie's remarkable talents and remember the man the world has lost, listen to Blackstar below.