9 Things That Happen When You Take More Selfies

As much as I love a good polaroid pic, we live in the world of selfies. And believe it or not, there's some seriously wonderful things that happen when you start taking more selfies! From legit body-positive action to improved makeup application, it's time for you to jump on board the #Selfie train if you haven't already. But don't worry, you don't have to go all Kim Kardashian-West selfie book on me to reap all the the body-pos benefits of snapping a pic or two!

Full disclosure: I was totally one of those middle schoolers that used to try and flip a janky digital camera on myself to get the best possible selfie for my Xanga or Myspace profile pic. I think I used to lean against a mirror to maximize the amount of drama. So much mood.

I'd like to think my selfie game has improved since the tween days or, at the very least, gotten a little less lame. Nowadays I pretty much treat the front camera phone option on my iPhone as a small mirror and can't imagine not having it.

If you're somehow new to the world of selfies or still feel self-conscious about them, I can't encourage you more to start taking a few more. You'll be surprised to discover all the cool things that start happening!

1. You'll Discover Your Angles

As you start taking selfies, you'll learn what head tilts make your eyes pop, what angles highlight your cheekbones, and what pose shows off your lovely lips.

2. All The Warm Genetic Feels Will Shine Through

Like, how would I have known my mom and my noses are 100 percent identical without having them side-by-side? Selfies with your fam will show just how sweet and special carrying on certain traits are.

3. You Never Have To Wonder If There's Something In Your Teeth

I totally take selfies on the train to check if there's something in my teeth. I'm sure the people standing next to me never find this odd. Ever.

4. Your Arms Will Get Stronger

Whether you use a selfie stick or fly solo, getting the perfect angle takes some arm effort! I can't promise you'll have the same results as weight training, but hey, you might notice some newfound bicep definition.

5. Symmetrical Makeup Will Become A Breeze

A selfie doesn't lie to you if your cat eye or concealer is uneven. You'll be able to see exactly where you're going wrong in your makeup application to know what to work on.

6. You'll Gain Basic Photography Skills

Taking selfies is just a generally cool way to understand how lighting impacts a picture. The sun angled softly toward your face? Golden. The sun directly behind you? Yikes.

7. You And Your Pals Will Discover Who Has The Best Selfie Arm

Once you learn which friend in your gang is tall enough and has long enough arms to fit every one of you into the pic, they will officially become the designated selfie-taker. This is a trial-and-error process, so don't forget to giggle when half of your face gets cut off!

8. You're Going To Start Accepting Your "Flaws"

Somedays, you will take a selfie and discover a wrinkle. Other times, there will be a large pimple. Learning to accept these and cultivate confidence beyond your appearance is a huge body positive move that will stick with you for the rest of your glorious life.

9. You Get To Capture Solo Adventures

Taking yourself on solo dates is a beautiful soul-nourishing thing, and selfies will let you capture the magical moments you're bound to encounter and don't want to forget.

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Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Lindsey Rose Black