7 Things Teresa Will Do While Joe Is In Jail

Teresa Giudice is back and better than ever. Her jail sentence was pretty tough on me as a fan, so I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for the reality star herself. Teresa got to reunite with her family just in time for the holidays in December 2015. But sadly, this family togetherness is going to be pretty short-lived. Teresa's husband Joe Giudice is set to report for his 41 month prison stint in March. Forty-one months is a very long time for a person to be separated from his wife and children. I have no doubt that Teresa is strong enough to make this work, but I am curious to see how she will handle his time away.

All loyal Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers know that the 43-year-old reality TV star is not one to be complacent. She thrives when she is busy and always tries her best to be positive and make the best of every situation. Teresa has been laying relatively low since her release, so while she hasn't yet shared with fans a definitive set of plans for herself while Joe is away in prison, it's safe to say that she will keep plugging along and probably stick to a lot of her pre-prison activities.

1. Take Care Of Her Girls

Teresa has always been a hands-on mom with her four daughters, so I'm sure that while Joe is away, she will continue to be very involved with her children and make sure they feel loved.

2. Film RHONJ

It's a little unclear if RHONJ has started filming or not, but we all know that it has to be happening soon. Now that Teresa is back, this show will be worth watching, and I'm sure the people at Bravo are excited to see what comes of the show's next season.

3. Promote Her Book(s)

Right now, Teresa is promoting her latest book Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again and I'm sure she will continue to do so. I mean, she reportedly has still has some restitution to pay off. And I bet she will write another book while Joe is away.

4. Work On Her Fitness

Teresa reportedly got really into working out while she was in prison, and I have a feeling that she will continue to now that she's released. Plus, exercise is going to give her the endorphins and stress relief that she's going to need during this difficult time.

5. Spend Time With Her Brother & Sister-In-Law

I think I speak for all RHONJ viewers when I say that I am happy about the strides Teresa has made in her relationships with Joe and Melissa Gorga. I really want them to be a united front that takes down all of the haters on RHONJ. I'm ready for this new era of family unity.

6. Keep In Touch With Joe

As we saw in the Teresa Checks In special, Joe and the girls visited Teresa on a regular basis while she was in jail, so I'm sure that the family will do the same for him. There's no doubt in my mind that the super devoted wife will be communicating with Joe frequently and visiting him whenever possible.

7. Open A Restaurant?

This is something that can be classified as "rumored" for now, but I'd be all for it. As we've seen from the show and her cookbooks, Teresa loves cooking. And now she actually has some relevant experience when it comes to catering to large groups of people: Teresa helped run the kitchen while she was in prison. It's been rumored that Teresa wants to open a restaurant and I think it makes perfect sense.

Teresa is someone that you should never count out. She embodies optimism and has never shied away from hard work. It's going to be a tough time when Joe is prison, but I have no doubt she is going to do her very best to make it work.