I. Marlene King Talks About The Future Of 'Pretty Little Liars', Which Might Just Include Wren

I've been a hardcore Pretty Little Liars fan for a long time now and, despite a few bumps along the way, I've never fallen out of love with the show. In an interview on Tuesday with Vulture, the PLL showrunner I. Marlene King spoke about the "A" backlash and said, "It’s always very controversial for a while, and then, when people have a chance to process it and let it sink in and go back and watch it more methodically and less emotionally, they embrace it." King also spoke at length about where Pretty Little Liars will go next, including a possible movie (!), but the main thing I want to know is, where the hell is Wren?

I. Marlene King cites filming conflicts (Julian Morris is currently on Amazon series Hand of God ) as the reason that beloved British character Wren has yet to return to Pretty Little Liars this season, and told Vulture, "We talk about his character, and we keep his character alive. I know Julian would love to come back to do some work on the show, so hopefully, we’ll work that out before the show ends. I’m always a sucker for a Brit." While it's exciting news that Wren is by no means gone for good, it's a shame that we won't see him in Season 6B. Many fan theories still believe that Wren is "A," which might be part of the reason for keeping his character alive. Though it looks like we could have a long wait before we find out.

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When "A" was finally revealed at the end of Season 6A, viewers were understandably shocked, confused, and a little offended at the apparent lack of understanding surrounding the show's first transgender character story line. While I completely felt the same way, and think that the reveal of "A" could've been handled a whole lot better than it was, I can't bring myself to quit the show. However, the second half of the season, 6B, promises to reveal so much more, including the hunt for "Uber A", and will hopefully address some of the more questionable aspects of the first half of the season.

Some of the most exciting news in I. Marlene King's interview with Vulture was regarding the potential Pretty Little Liars movie. King said, "We’re not actively pursuing it right now, but I have a great idea for the movie, so hopefully, one day we’ll get to do it." While I'm sure that King's idea is great, I'd like to pitch my own — It's 2020, and the gang have returned to Rosewood for the wedding of Aria Montgomery to Ezra Fitz. Just sayin'.

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King also had advice for future female showrunners, proving that she's a badass boss at Pretty Little Liars HQ. Her advice was super practical, and should give us all hope, that, with hard work and determination, we could one day create something as magical as Pretty Little Liars. King said, "I think you have to write, write, write, write, because it’s critical for television to be able to do it quickly, it’s crazy. We break an episode over the course of a week, and you’ll have seven to nine days to write an episode. You definitely have to hone in on your skill-set and have a lot of stamina, but just start writing." What more motivation do you need?

It's always refreshing to hear a female showrunner discuss a series they're clearly very passionate about and, despite the haters, I. Marlene King definitely knows her stuff when it comes to Pretty Little Liars. At least we know where Wren has gone to, anyway, waiting in the wings for an opportunity to pounce. Hopefully some time soon.