Gerard Is Back On 'Teen Wolf'

Allison's evil grandfather, Gerard made his return to Teen Wolf this week in "Damnatio Memoriae." Surprisingly, it was Chris Argent who brought his not so nice father back into the fold on Teen Wolf, even though the last time Gerard was in town he gained control of the Kanima (aka Jackson) and was using him to kill people. After being called back to Beacon Hills to help Scott and his pack fight off the threat of the Dread Doctors, Argent, it seems, had no choice but to turn to Gerard for help. But, with Gerard back on Teen Wolf , what does that mean for Scott and his pack?

Argent didn't just go to visit Gerard for information. No, instead he brought him this immaculate, white flower — that he had to retrieve from a super secret safe — that Gerard ate to cure him. Fans might remember that Gerard was last seen in a hospital, dying of a combination of cancer and what I can only assume is Mountain Ash poisoning that makes him cough black blood. After eating the flower, however, Gerard coughs red blood. It's safe to assume the flower had some remedial properties, but whether it saved him from both his cancer and the Mountain Ash poisoning remains to be seen. Regardless, Argent didn't just ask Gerard about the Dread Doctors, he made Gerard better and stronger, which means he needs Gerard for something.

Argent is right, Gerard knows something that can help Scott and his pack. In fact, right after digesting the magical flower, he spills the beans on the new Beast in town. It's not a new creation of the Dread Doctors. It's actually an ancient monster called La Bête, or La Bête de Gévaudan, an ancient beast that has a connection to the Argent family that Gerard describes as "a monster who's only purpose was to kill."

Gerard might be helping out now, but I'd bet anything that he has something evil up his sleeve. It's doubtful that Argent trusts him, and I don't think Scott would make the mistake of putting his trust in someone who doesn't deserve it (especially so soon after making the same mistake with Theo). Who knows, Gerard himself could be La Bête! Now that could cause some real problems.

Images: MTV; teenwolf/tumblr