These Are The 9 Best Sex Positions For Winter

It's winter, it's cold, it's not light enough. There are plenty of reasons people get a little "blah" at this time of the year, but there's one really good way to perk up your mood: having hotter sex . Not only do you get happy hormones and all the amazing health benefits of an orgasm, let's face it: sex is just a great way to keep warm. But if summer sex is slippery and holiday sex is wild, how should you be doing it in the winter?

I say, pace yourself. Yeah, you probably have your favorite sex position. But maybe you went all out on New Year's and strained something. Or maybe you're just too damn cold to get out from other the blanket. In any case, I get it. Winter sex has to be a little more... comfortable. Sure, there are a couple of wild positions in the mix for the more advance among us. But just like you don't go from zero to spring without a jog, I suggest you warm that body up a little first. Then you can attempt that crazy thing you saw in karma sutra that one time.

How do you do it? Well, let's build up the difficulty of the positions (and make sure you keep track of which ones can be done under the blanket— the sweet, sweet, blanket). Keep in mind, these positions can work for two women as well.

1. Spooning

How To Do It: You literally just do your favorite cuddling position, except with your partner inside you. You may need to lift up your upper leg, and lube is going to be your friend— trust me.

Why It's Your Winter Go-To: Because it's about as lazy and snuggly as you can possibly get. That much body contact keep your nice and warm and it's absolutely perfect for morning sex. On top of that you get G-spot and clitoral stimulation, so everyone's a winner.

2. Sitting

How To Do It: It's not the easiest to get into, but after your partner sits cross-legged you climb on top of them and guide them inside of you.

Why It's Your Winter Go-To: It's basically a hug in a sex position. I mean, you're wrapping your arms and legs around them, and they're doing the same with you. You get to bear hug and doing it at the same time. Super intimate and perfect for chilly days.

3. Modified Doggy

How To Do It: Think of it as doggy style when you sort of collapse onto your arms. So it's half laying down. You can put a pillow under your hips for extra support.

Why It's Your Winter Go-To: Again, it's got more body contact then regular doggy which makes it both intimate and warm. But it still has that sexy, sort of animalistic, aspect of doggy, just all softened a bit.

4. X Marks The Spot

How To Do It: You get to lie down— your partner doesn't. You're on your back and your partner stands, while you both guide them inside you. Cross your ankles for a ridiculous tight fit, and you can relax your legs against your partner if need be.

Why It's Your Winter Go-To: Because if your S.O. is going to be up out of bed and not under the covers, it's got to be for something good. And the insanely tight fit of this position is totally worth it. Plus, you still get to relax.

5. Coital Alignment Technique

How To Do It: Your favorite missionary position, but with your legs hiked up and wrapped around your partner. Not necessarily as high as his shoulders, because that's too intense for some people. A pillow under you will help with any lower back strain.

Why It's Your Winter Go-To: Because it takes the basic missionary position and makes it all the more intimate and snuggly. You'll have to go a bit more slowly and, if you use a pillow, you'll get really deep penetration. Also, it's one of the best positions for female orgasm.

6. Doggy

How To Do It: The whole hog. Get on all fours, spread your legs a bit and have them come in between you on his knees.

Why It's Your Winter Go-To: Because now that you're all warmed up and limber it's time for one of the most popular positions. And you can use your hand for clitoral stimulation. It's all great.

7. Woman On Top

How To Do It: Climb on top, guide your partner inside of you and then you can play. Lean forward or back, grind or bounce— whatever you feel like. The choices are endless.

Why It's Your Winter Go-To: Because I can report as a matter of fact that if you lean forward it is not only really intimate but can also be done while still wearing a blanket. Sexy. Times.

8. Crab Walk

How To Do It: Your partner gets into the crab walk position, weight spread between hands and feet, and you go gym-class style and crab walk over to them. Also: lube.

Why It's Your Winter Go-To: Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you can't show off. This is a sex position for experts but it still involves both of you being close to the bed and the face-to-face element gives some intimacy.

9. Sofa Brace

How To Do It: This is doggy style but on the couch or the floor, with you bracing yourself by leaning over something and letting it support your weight.

Why It's Your Winter Go-To: I want to say because the added support means you can really go for it, which is definitely true. But the main reason I'm including it is because in my dream you're doing it in a winter blanket fort and this would be the best position for that. Everyone should have sex in a grown-up blanket fort.

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