13 Menswear Items That Belong In Your Wardrobe

Androgyny in fashion is a trend I have no doubt will continue on into 2016 and I suspect fashion week will be full of it. If you want to be ahead of the curve, I've rounded up all the essential menswear for women that belong in your wardrobe. With a mix of brands you likely know and love along with a few smaller ones, you're going to build a closet full of functional, interesting, and unique pieces that bend the gender binary just a touch in the best possible way.

I initially got into the menswear scene last year after androgynous clothing took over fashion week. I mean, who wouldn't swoon for Prada's more masculine structured trenches or Gucci's button-ups with a pop of lace? While I can't exactly shell out for those designer brands, they definitely inspired me to scan my very feminine wardrobe with a critical eye and consider shaking things up a bit.

I've gradually started shopping in menswear sections and been surprised to discover how often I wear the pieces I've purchased. Below are some of the ones I go back to over and over again, and love how many awesome brands I've found that are willing to move outside of the strictly menswear vs womenswear mold.

1. White Button Down

White Button Down, $135, Zady

No wardrobe is totally complete without a classic white button down and this sustainable pick from Zady is well worth the cost.

2. Denim Button Down

Denim Button Down, $37.64, Asos

Another super versatile button down, you'll reach for denim over and over.

3. Tie

Roundabout Bow Tie, $24.99, ACoutureBowTie

ACoutureBowTie features hand tailored bow ties out of Valley Stream, NY and I am swooning for this little seersucker striped one. It's such a great accessory that'll add some punch to any outfit.

4. Dress Pants

Flat Front Chinos, $39.90, Uniqlo

For a sleek and clean pair of pants from the men's section, you can't beat Uniqlo for its variety of sizes and designs.

5. Blazer

Blazer, $69.90, Uniqlo

Lightweight and sleek, this blazer looks great with a pair of jeans.

6. Cardigan

Longline Cardigan, $38, Asos

Confession: I wear this exact cardigan at least once a week.

7. Unisex Slip-Ons

Unisex Black Slip-Ons, $26.91, Walmart

They're just so comfy and go with everything.

8. T-Shirt

T-Shirt, $30, WearAndrogyny

Wear it proud!

9. Checkered Flannel

Checkered Flannel, $19.99, Zara

I love that Zara has options from slim fit to plus for their checkered flannel shirts, and they come in so many colors!

10. Henley

Solid Henley, $43, Asos

I'm giving you fair warning now that this shirt is so comfortable you might legitimately never want to take it off.

11. Muscle Hoodie

Muscle Hoodie, $31, Asos

The lovely lady I'm dating wears this all the time and it's going to be that item I "borrow" and hope to never return. Muahaha.

12. Fold Wallet

Saffiano Leather Bifold Wallet, $29.90, Nordstrom

Seriously, this is so easy to use and not having to deal with little zips all the time is so, so nice.

13. Socks

Socks, $4.30, Uniqlo

The men's sock section at Uniqlo is more or less the best thing that's ever happened to me.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands