13 Reasons Ren Stevens Was '00s Fashion Goals

All my ladies that were Disney Channel-obsessed tweens, put your hands up. For those of you that were just as crazy about Even Stevens as I was, let's stop and appreciate all the reasons Ren Stevens was early '00s fashion and beauty goals. The girl always managed to balance preppy and nerdy with a hint of spunky edge, and I was all about it all the time.

What I appreciate about Even Stevens in general was how distinctively 2000s it was all the way around. I admit I was a little too young to fully appreciate the Full House moment (I know, tragedy), but Disney was totally my defining TV channel as a tween. And come on, who doesn't love Bean's crazy character, or all of the best Shia LaBeouf facial expressions from the show? And hello, the Even Stevens reunion was only the best thing to ever happen.

While I admit Ren was little too organized and mature for me to feel like I could relate to her all the time, she definitely had her life together as a teen in ways I could only hope to achieve. She wasn't afraid to be her feisty self in every episode, and below are all her best fashion and beauty moments that made me so pumped for teenage life when I was a mere eleven-year-old kid!

1. Clean Cut Cardigan

Ren was always 100 percent preppy on point.

2. Pulled Back Half Up Hair

Before the top knot, there was the half up and Ren had it mastered.

3. Cut Sleeve Tops

OK, who doesn't remember this amazing pink shirt from the musical episode? #FashionSwoon

4. Butterfly Clips

Her hair. Those slippers. All of it.

5. Quadruple Pig Tails

All of the elastic hair tie action happening here. Can't even handle.

6. Barely There Side Part

The '00s is where the the '90s middle part transitioned ever so slightly to a side part, and Ren was all up on that.

7. Serious Accessories

Though the days of mood rings left in the '90s, rocking big, well, rocks, was totally on trend in the 2000s. Ren's necklace is amaze.

8. Crop Top & Sarong

The ultimate '00s beach bunny.

9. Satin Gloves + Choker + Silk Dress

How many of us wore this same exact look to a school dance?

10. Half Up Braid

Forget top knots, this is incredible. If only I hadn't just cut my hair into a pixie.

11. Ballet Flats

Did anyone not own ballet flats in 2004?

12. Natural Glow Makeup

Ren kept things very #IWokeUpLikeThis glowy.

13. Lip Gloss Pops

But she wasn't afraid to glam it up with the ultimate '00s makeup item: clear (and oh so sticky) lipgloss.

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Images: Disney Channel