This Is The Most Popular Emoji In Online Dating

If you’re not using emojis when you communicate with people, you need to get on that. According to a year-end report by OkCupid, 2015 was the year of using emojis in online dating messages. I mean, if you have a picture to sum up what you mean, why would you even think of using words? Words are overrated in a world of emojis!

The Hangover report uncovered lots of goodies in regards to how people communicate with each other in messages on OkCupid. They also found what messages are going to win over the object of your desire and what messages are going to have them running, like the wind, in the opposite direction. For those who can’t accurately convey their awesomeness in words, it’s probably best to just go with a bunch of smiley faces. You can’t really lose with a smiley face because it always comes off friendly, doesn’t confuse people or create tension, and is likely to make people think you’re probably not a serial killer. Would a serial killer use a smiley face? Doubtful.

In fact, the most popular emoji on OkCupid is the damn smiley face! Actually, the top two are smiley faces, but the one that’s used the most is the one with eyebrows. In third place place is the wink, of course, because this is a dating site.

Smiley faces and winks aside, here are the other most popular emojis that are being tossed around OkCupid like wildfire.

1. Showing Some Love Isn’t A Bad Thing

According to the report, OkCupid members aren’t scared to show a little bit of love when it comes to communicating in messages. While we already know that smiley faces are all the rage, of the top five emojis, the fourth was the one with the little heart eyes (love that one!), and the fifth one was the heart. Aww… can you feel the love?

2. Everyone Wants Cake

When it came to emojis that weren't reduced to just faces, the strawberry cake emoji was used most often. Although I’m not sure if this means all these people are going on dates with cake involved, I like to believe that to be the case.

3. People Love Their Coffee

Right behind the cake emoji, in second place, is a cup coffee. Kinda blah, but it gets the point across if you want to have coffee on a date. Although, maybe it’s a cup of black tea? It’s hard to tell. Either way it denotes something that’s likely caffeinated.

4. Pizza Before Burgers

In keeping with the food-related emojis, pizza, in third spot, seems to be the preferred food, or emoji at least. Of the top five, the burger came in last place, with the cocktail emoji coming in at the fourth spot.

5. Monkeys Rule

The top emoji in the animal kingdom is the monkey. But not any monkey, but the monkey covering his eyes. Why is he covering his eyes? We don’t know; only the messages can tell. But it definitely makes sense that you’d reach for that when you’re at a loss… like when you find out the person you’re totally into honestly believes Trump is going to make America great again. The horrors!

6. Busy Bees For All

Second to the monkey covering his eyes, is the bee, that very, very busy bee. Personally, I have never used the bee on any occasion, but I imagine if you’re super busy at work and you’re being bombarded by OKCupid messages that you don’t want to totally ignore, the bee could be a polite way of saying, “I’m busy at work, I’ll get back to you. By the way, don’t you have a job, too?” Maybe?

7. Horse Racing Before Fish

Again, I don’t know if this is related to an actual date or simply a matter of messaging then ― voila! ― here’s a nice jockey on a horse emoji for you. But no matter the reason behind it, in third place is the jockey on a horse, followed by the alligator in fourth spot, and the fish in fifth spot, rounding out the top five non-food emojis.

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Images: OkCupid; Emojipedia; Giphy