What Channel Are The Critics' Choice Awards On? You Won't Want To Miss A Moment Of The Festivities

Want to know one of the most interesting things about any given award show? No two are ever exactly the same. So in case you found yourself unhappy with some of the People's Choice or Golden Globe winners, there are still plenty of opportunities for your favorite films and TV shows to get their time to shine. And the next one up on the docket just so happens to be the 2016 Critics' Choice Awards, which will by hosted T.J. Miller on Jan. 17 at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California. Sure, this ceremony may not get quite as much hype as the Golden Globes or Oscars, but it's still a great opportunity to celebrate the entertainment industry and perhaps see a few underdogs nab a win. But in order to do that, it's important to know what channel the Critics' Choice Awards are airing on.

Luckily for us, our viewing options are not in short supply. The awards ceremony will be airing live on three different channels: A&E, Lifetime, and LMN, which means there's definitely no reason you shouldn't be tuning in on all the fun. And you never know, the winners may surprise you. But just in case you need a little extra piece of incentive, here's why I think you won't want to miss a moment of all the action.

The Martian Isn't Listed As A Comedy

One of the biggest head scratchers from the Globes was the fact that The Martian was being portrayed as a comedy, which felt slightly far-fetched to some. (Having a few comedic moments does not a comedy make.) So I'm happy to report that the Critics' Choice Awards did not lump this particular movie into that category. It's up for Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie, Best Picture, and multiple other categories, but the word "comedy" is never mentioned.

Aziz Ansari Can Make Better Use Out Of His Golden Globes Book

Once again, Ansari will find himself facing off against Transparent star Jeffrey Tambor for Best Actor In A Television Comedy Series, which means we may very well see him pull out the hilarious book he was found reading at the Golden Globes this year called, Losing To Jeffrey Tambor With Dignity. Of course, the punchline of the joke was that Tambor was supposed to be an automatic shoe-in as the winner. (Clearly the Globes didn't get the memo.) Let's hope the Critics' Choice won't make the same mistake.

Fargo Can Get The Recognition It Deserves

The series was completely snubbed at the Golden Globes, so it'd be great to see the cast get a few well deserved wins under its belt this time around. Okay then?

Underdogs Will Have Their Day

Hannibal, Playing House, even The Wiz Live! have all been nominated in various categories. They may not get the esteemed attention of certain award shows, but the Critics' Choice delivers no such injustice. Let these underdogs have their time to shine!

It's Completely Live

Which means awkwardness and hilarity are bound to ensue. And who doesn't want to be apart of that?

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