This Sign Is Most Likely To Get Married In 2016

If you’re a Pisces who is currently in a serious relationship, 2016 may just be one to remember. According to renowned astrologer Susan Miller, this may be the year that pisces gets married. Bustle sat down with the internationally known author, columnist, television personality, and founder of AstrologyZone to get her predictions for the upcoming year during our Internet Culture Podcast "The Chat Room", and she had plenty to say about all the luck heading Pisces' way this year.

According to Miller, the lucky trend started around last summer on August 11 and ends on September 9 of this year. After that, Pisces hands it over to Aries, who will then become the luckiest sign.

So, if you’re a Pisces, keep a look out for any potential clues from your partner that marriage may be on their minds. If you’re already engaged and planning to get married in 2016, congratulations! It’s an excellent time to do it.

But What If You're Single?

OK, so that sounds great and everything. But what if you’re a Pisces who’s single and not dating anyone? This time couldn’t possibly apply to you, right?

There's good news for you, too. "You can use that energy, which is in the collaborative house, for a business partner or agent,” says Miller.

This lucky energy is great for partnerships between you and someone that you work on a one-on-one basis with, Miller explains. That could range from anyone like a vocal coach, a stylist, a publicist, or even a business partner. It could apply to anyone who works with you and only you at one time.

“You can have the boy and marry him … but also the one who can help you get ahead,” Miller says.

Who says you can’t have it all?

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