Here's How You Should Wear The Posie K Lip Kit

Ever since she first announced there would be another fabulous lip kit coming out just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve all been counting down the days until Feb. 14th. In the meantime, plan how to wear “Posie K” by shopping clothing in a similar shade to match the new Lip Kit by Kyle. Because, if there’s one thing Jenner loves, it’s a monochromatic look. No matter what your V-Day plans are, you can rock this shade on your lips and in your wardrobe because there’s nothing wrong with matching, you know?

An all-over pink look is such a good idea for the day that’s all about love (and chocolate), isn’t it? Well, I mean, of course it is — because Jenner says so. Her Posie K color couldn’t be more appropriate for the time of year. Basically, when it comes to lip shades, she knows what she’s doing.

Shop dresses, sweat pants and more in this pink hue because you can wear a Jenner-approved ensemble no matter what your plans are. The flower-y pink hue goes with any occasion, especially if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it before it sells out. If I’m able to snag it — I plan on wearing it everywhere I go (or don’t go) on Valentine's Day. Because pink goes with my couch perfectly.

Here's the inspiration. Now, get to shopping!

1. Posie K Lace

Skater Dress With Lace Inserts, $69, ASOS

A little lace and a little Posie K goes a long way.

2. Posie K Maxi Dress

All The Moves Convertible Dress, $70, Free People

A sexy maxi dress could be an excellent Valentine's Day option.

3. Posie K Sweats

Sweat Pant Tie With Contrast, $31, ASOS Curve

These are perfect for those Netflixing plans of yours.

4. Long-Sleeved Posie K

Crochet-Trimmed Knit Top, $16, Forever 21+

For those casual Valentine's Day plans, this long-sleeved knit will do just the trick.

5. Posie K PJs

The Mayfair Boxer Pajama, $45, Victoria's Secret

You've got to be prepared because you may not leave the bed, you know?

6. Posie K Swing Dress

Bell Sleeve Swing Dress, $29, ASOS Curve

This can be dressed up or down, so it's perfect for wherever your Valentine's Day takes you.

7. Posie K Sneakers

Puma Suede Classic Sneakers, $69, ASOS

Because there's nothing wrong with a little laid-back loving.

Posie K + Valentine's Day = a perfect match. Get ready to pucker up in your Posie K pieces!

Images: Courtesy Brands (7); Giphy (1)