New 'Fuller House' Teases From The Show's Cast & Crew Are The Most Interesting Reveals Yet

With the show's release date just a few short weeks away, the cast and crew of Fuller House revealed some major teases at the Television Critics Association this Sunday. The highly anticipated Netflix revival of the beloved '90s sitcom Full House has been a hot topic since the project was announced last year. Between the constant speculation on the Olsen twins' involvement to the reveal that almost the entire gang is getting back together, excitement levels have been way too high to calculate. While you still have to wait for the Feb. 26 premiere date to see D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy tackling adulthood, Bustle gathered a few tidbits about what you can expect from the new series, as well as some surprising behind the scenes facts to hold you over.

At Netflix's TCA panel, the cast and crew discussed everything from what Fuller House 's focus will be to why the show almost didn't come back. And yes, the cast members are all still as adorable as ever and the sheer amount of times they refer to themselves as a family is bound to delight you. Fuller House is clearly in the best hands because not only is the gang (almost) all back, they are just as excited as you are for the return.

Check out these teases and prepare to get your squee on.

1. D.J., Stephanie, & Kimmy Are The Main Event

"As the show goes along, it's great to have the guys and Becky come back now and then because it's a big family," series creator Jeff Franklin said. "This is a show centered around these three women. It's really about their lives and their children, and what the next generation have become."

So while Uncle Jesse, Danny, Joey, and the extended Tanner crew will visit, Fuller House is very much about the journey of the next generation. Jodie Sweetin added, "The writers took into consideration the women we'd become. It was like stepping back into somebody that was really familiar. It was fun filling in the blanks about what happened to these characters over the last 20 years."

2. The Door Will Always Be Open For The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen aren't involved in Season 1, but the cast and crew still adore the twins and would love to see them come back in the future.

"We all tried to persuade them to come and play," Franklin revealed. "They decided not to at this time. We're hopeful that sometime in the future they might change their mind and reprise Michelle, we only need one of them! I'm sure we've all had family reunions and not everyone shows up. The door is always open."

Commence "awwing" now.

3. A Same-Sex Storyline Isn't Off The Table

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While Candace Cameron Bure has made her personal views about gay marriage clear on The View , she is not opposed to Fuller House delving into LGBT storylines or any other story that may resonate with a modern audience. "I will always defend religious freedom, and that's what I was talking about on The View," Cameron Bure said. "I'm an actress on a television show, and would love our characters to explore all issues that are in our culture and in our society today."

4. The New Show Almost Never Happened

It turns out co-creator Bob Boyett isn't a fan of reunion shows. If Franklin hadn't come up with such a cool idea, Fuller House may never have happened. Said Boyett,

"We left it open ended, and of course we never dreamed we'd be back, which of course is a wonderful thing to happen. I hated reunion shows, I think they are mostly lousy. I felt like if something worthy came along, we might do something in the future. Jeff came up with the idea which turned everyone's head: Seeing what happened to these three young ladies. How did they grow up? What happened? The right idea finally came along."

Someone give Franklin a high five — the man deserves it.

5. Adults Are Vocal About Wanting To Share Full House With Their Kids

"One of the comments we got a lot from adults was, 'It's one of the few family shows I can stand to watch with my children,' which we took as a real compliment," Boyett said. "What's unique about this show is that we never lost that human connection between these actors and characters. This is a family of characters that have stayed close throughout the years, and it comes through on the screen."

6. There Have Been A Lot Of Tears On The Fuller House Set

Happy tears, guys! Don't worry, this cast appears to be a total love fest. "I had to pause and stop and take more than a few moments because the emotions really got to me," Bure said about returning to the Tanner homestead for the first time. "I was just crying because I was flooded with so many memories."

"It was overwhelming walking on set for the first time," Andrea Barber added. "It was like coming home again to your childhood home. It's a dream come true."

I think every Full House fan knows exactly how Barber feels. Now if only Feb. 26 would get here already...

Additional reporting by Anna Klassen

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