Khloe Kardashian Shuts Down Rumors About Justin Bieber & Her Sisters With A Hilariously Perfect Response — VIDEO

Here's a Kardashian-Jenner family riddle: What do Kourtney, Kylie, and Kendall all have in common? I mean, besides sharing half of the same DNA. The answer? All three ladies have not hooked up with Justin Bieber. Sure, they've separately been the subject of some pretty interesting rumors, but Khloé Kardashian talked about Bieber's connection to her family on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night. In doing so, she knocked out all the rumors in one swoop. During a lightning-round question game called "Plead the Fifth," Andy Cohen asked Khloé, "Which of these sisters has Justin Bieber been with? Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney, or all of the above?" Naturally, Khloé was on her A-game and gave a flawless response.

Laughing, Khloé said, "None! It would be amazing if it was all of the above, though." To which Cohen joked about now knowing what Thanksgiving is like in the Kardashian-Jenner house. Khloé went along with it, saying, "We're thankful for Justin Bieber's... you know." When she puts it that way, it does highlight the ridiculousness of the situation. It would be really awkward if they did all go after the same guy.

Skip ahead to the 1:00 minute mark to watch the funny moment below. (Or you can watch from the beginning to hear Khloé's interesting answer to a round of "Marry, Shag, Kill" featuring Kanye West, Scott Disick, and Tyga.)

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on YouTube

This actually isn't the first time Khloé addressed those Bieber rumors, but the last time she was way more awkward about it. When talking about Kourt and Bieber on E! News, she seemed flustered. She definitely seems much more certain this time. Personally, I am glad this means the Kourtney and Bieber hookup rumors can officially be over. Like Khloé, I kind of wish they were true for entertainment's sake, but it always felt too farfetched, even for the Biebs. At least fans now know for sure.

As for the Jenner girls, Kylie recently admitted Bieber is like an older brother to her, while Kendall also considers him a close pal. See? It's all platonic, you guys. So, now that that's settled, let's move onto more important Bieber related news. Did you see his purple hair?!