Kylie Jenner Is Surprisingly Close With Bieber

At this rate, Justin Bieber has "dated" two members of the Kardashian-Jenner family — if you believe the rumors, that is. First, reports of the "Sorry" singer and Kendall Jenner dating were squashed, because it turns out these two are just really good friends. Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian and Bieber may have been hooking up recently, but those rumors seemed to fade out. Amidst all of this, another family member revealed just how close she is with the Biebs. In her cover story with Elle UK, Kylie Jenner shared that Bieber is her confidant and plays a huge role in helping her deal with fame. She told the magazine,

I'm so close to him because I feel like he's been through exactly what I've been through in a completely different way but very similar ... He gets me, and every time I see him he always sits me down and is like, "Are you OK? You're amazing. You can get through this, just stay true to yourself." He helps me a lot.

Considering it's public knowledge how close Kendall and Bieber are, I'm surprised I didn't realize Kylie was equally close with the 21-year-old. In fact, it makes me view him in a more positive light to know that he shares his wisdom with Kylie and has been such a solid source of support.

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When you really think about it, Kylie is right — she and Bieber have a ton in common. Here's a list of all the traits Kylie and Bieber share, which further shows that their friendship makes a ton of sense.

1. They Take Tons Of Selfies

These two should be crowned the king and queen of selfies. Seriously, they're always posting self portraits on Instagram.

2. They're Fans Of Tattoos

Ever since turning 18, the youngest Jenner has had a habit of getting inked. Meanwhile, Bieber is constantly revealing his new tattoos, like those angel wings on his neck.

3. They Love Their Cars

On her birthday, Kylie got a Ferrari from Tyga. She also owns a Rolls Royce. Bieber also loves his sets of wheels and frequently snaps photos with his cars.

4. They're Snapchat Stars

Kylie is known for her behind-the-scenes Snapchats and the same can be said for Bieber, who uses the app under the username RickTheSizzler.

5. Their Relationships Always Make Headlines

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"Are they together or aren't they?" This question is always being asked about Kylie and Tyga. The same can be said about exes Bieber and Selena Gomez, since he frequently posts confusing throwback photos with her.

6. They Grew Up In The Spotlight

Ever since she was 9 years old, the teen has starred on Keeping Up With the Kardashians . That's a major chunk of her childhood spent in front of a screen. As for Biebs, he first became famous at age 14 and everybody watched him navigate the ups and downs of fame.

7. They Value Family

Bieber and Kylie tend to post a lot of pictures with their siblings. It's admirable that they put family first.

8. They're Constantly Changing Their Hair

In 2015, both stars have dyed their hair and tested out different styles. I wonder if they consult each other on these major fashion decisions.

Now I totally understand why these two are friends! Bieber definitely adds an awesome support system to Kylie's life.