Will Taylor Swift’s Line Be At Fashion Week?

Looks like Taylor's bid for world domination continues. Yep, the 1989 pop star just showed at Hong Kong Fashion Week — does this mean we can one day expect to see Taylor Swift showing at New York Fashion Week? Well, LBR: If we know anything about one half of Forbes highest-earning celebrity couple in the world, we know that this is likely the first of many fashion lines. It only makes sense, given Swift's notoriety as a red carpet favorite and quirky-chic styles style icon.

Seriously, it's not too out of line to assume that she might one day present a clothing line at NYFW — she's certainly got the entrepreneurial spirit, spot-on fashion sense, and aggressive branding to pull it off. Plus, she's got major connections in just about every field — can't you just imagine her picking up singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham up as the newest member of her squad? How about the newly-minted two-time CFDA Womenswear Designers of the Year, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? Heck, she's even famously made up with Kanye now — maybe he can give her some tips on how to make it to the fashion big leagues (though hopefully without all the nude bodysuits).

Charles Eshelman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her first collection is more breezy and casual than your typical fashion week offering — it's mostly comprised of Swiftian staples like striped crop-tops, overall jumper dresses, and oversized T-shirts emblazoned with her album and song titles, her lyrics, and her name (especially her name).

All in all, it closely matches what we've come to know and love as her street style — in fact, she's even worn pieces from the line before.

I'm a fan of Taylor's current collection, but it's definitely fun to imagine her creating a higher-end, ready-to-wear line. Would it include glittery rainbow skirts? How about alphabet-printed bodysuits and glittery houndstooth separates? Actually, why not just make it glittery everything?

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NYFW, here we come.

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