Taylor Swift's Glitter Pleated Skirt Is Perfect... And Expensive, So Here Are Some More Affordable Dupes

Taylor Swift is having a major moment: She's kind of created the perfect storm of media attention to promote her newest album, the ubiquitous 1989. There's her eyebrow-raising Harry Styles-inspired tunes, her summer catwalk to-and-from the gym, a veritable explosion of interviews, live performances and magazine covers, her ultra-high profile friendships (she was spotted at a basketball game with bestie Karlie Kloss just last night, and Lena Dunham — along with just about every celebrity, evercan't stop tweeting her support), all topped off by some light trolling on her infamous, brand new Tumblr account.

Whew. Girl has been busy. Luckily for us, in true Taylor Swift fashion, she's been doing it all... well, quite fashionably! I loved her gold and navy blue sailor-inspired outfit on Good Morning America (it was fetchingly retro and glittery, of course), and her all-black ensemble she wore to the Knicks game Wednesday night with Karlie was adorably NYC chic. Best of all, however, is her glittery rainbow pleated skirt. Yep, you read that right: Taylor Swift officially wore the most Swiftian garment ever, in the form of an absolutely gorgeous lamé skirt (which she wore to her interview with Sirius XM radio yesterday). Check it out:

So shiny! So colorful! So preeeetty! And here it is in action:

Sure is envy-inducing, isn't it? Well, luckily after some heavy-duty sleuthing, I managed to find it:

Marco de Vicenzo

Unfortunately, it's very expensive... but if you happen to have a thousand or so dollars lying around, you could always spring for it!

Marco de Vicenzo Multicolored Lamé Pleated Skirt, $915, Montaigne Market

Now, I scoured the Internet for a dupe, but it seems like Marco de Vicenzo has cornered the market on rainbow lamé pleated skirts. Here are some of the next best thing(s)!

Tory Burch

A veritable bargain at half the price of Taylor's skirt (ha-ha)!

'Audra' Metallic Pleated Skirt, $450, Nordstrom


Very cool; I could definitely see it making the rounds at the next holiday party.

Gold Foil Pleated Mini Skirt, £36, Topshop


Ooh, so shiny and classy (sometimes, there's just no beating a tea-lengthed skirt, especially when it's pleated).

Aqua Midi Skirt, $73.50, Bloomingdale's


Because we could all use some metallic chiffon in our lives.

Vila Chiffon Metallic Pleated Skirt, $60.64, ASOS

Images: Getty Images; taylorswift, siriusxm/Instagram