Will A 'Dirty Grandpa' Sequel Happen? Zac Efron Might Be Getting Even Dirtier

The new comedy Dirty Granda promises audiences a few things they've never seen before. First off, the film's star Robert De Niro, for all of the scores of films he's made over his long career, has never been this crass and foul-mouthed. And secondly, his co-star Zac Efron has never been this shirtless. OK, that part may not be true — Efron has been shirtless for about 60 percent of post-Disney Channel life — but Dirty Grandpa does look like it could be, as its title suggests, the filthiest movie either of these thespians has ever taken part in. And with the extremely bawdy exploits the movie promises for its stars, fans of crude humor are wondering if Dirty Grandpa will get a sequel — and if more Efron-De Niro madness is on the way.

Now, for those of you scratching your heads thinking that Dirty Grandpa was already a sequel to the Johnny Knoxville vehicle Bad Grandpa, you're way off. Despite the films similar titles, they're vastly different franchises. Whereas Bad Grandpa was part of the Jackass series of films and largely featured real bystanders' reactions captured on hidden camera, Dirty Grandpa is a traditional comedy with a plot. The film tells the story of Efron's straight-laced Jason Kelly, a career man engaged to his boss's daughter, who is tricked into a spring break trip to Daytona Beach by his cursing, boozing, sex-loving grandfather, Dick (De Niro). Obviously, hijinks will ensue, but will the craziness carry over to a sequel, whose name would undoubtedly be Dirtier Grandpa?

No plans have yet been announced for a Dirty Grandpa sequel, but there is definitely a chance for one. When looking at its two main stars' comedy careers, sequels are not uncommon. The last time Efron went wild and shirtless in a comedy was in 2014's Neighbors, and Neighbors 2 is due out later this year. As for De Niro, he partied hard in 2013's Last Vegas, a film that also has a sequel in the works. But both Neighbors and Last Vegas were financially successful, so whether or not Dirty Grandpa earns itself another go round will likely depend upon its box office performance. If the movie makes a lot of money, expect the studio to move forward with another. If it doesn't, then it will probably join the ranks of That Awkward Moment and What Just Happened? as largely unsuccessful one-offs.

In a few weeks, fans will have a better idea of the likelihood of a Dirty Grandpa sequel, but fear not. Even if Dirty Grandpa bombs and fades from everyone's collective memory, Zac Efron will almost certainly take his shirt off in whatever movie he does next.

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