What Olivia Caridi's Feet Look Like Is None Of 'Bachelor' Fans' Business & People Need To Stop Criticizing Her Appearance

I'm pretty disappointed in most people who were on The Bachelor and who watched The Bachelor on Monday. The women on the show were cruel to Olivia Caridi, making fun of how her toes looked. Then, after those comments, fans of the show rushed to the Internet to ask what Olivia's feet look like because they wanted to see her supposed "bad toes." Most days I'm proud to be part of Bachelor Nation; this wasn't one of those times. Olivia tried to head things off on Twitter by posting a joking photo of some hairy feet (hobbit feet, I think) and adding this caption: "People are asking what my toes look like so I thought I'd just take a quick pic for y'all #fattoes #perfectionislame."And, while I admire Olivia's strength and sense of humor in what has now been two straight weeks of the Internet mocking her appearance, I also want people to know it's not OK to judge any part of someone's appearance.

If you Google any celebrity's name, a lot of time Google will autofill and ask if you want to search for that celebrity's feet. It's kinda gross, but it's even grosser when it's done with malicious intent. Let's be real, if you're one of the people who searched something like, "Olivia's feet ugly toes" in Google, you were probably trying to find pictures that you could post on Twitter to mock Olivia's supposed cankles and alleged "#fattoes." Bustle has a lot of opinions on Olivia, too, as can be heard in our Bachelor podcast. But, opinions on her toes isn't one of them.

Here's the thing. Much like Lace said she was dorky when she was younger, #TBT pics revealed that wasn't really the case. She just looked like a regular teen. Olivia's feet probably look fine. But, even if they don't, that's OK. Feet are pretty weird in general if you think about or look at them too long. Seriously, no one has perfect feet, but that's not a big deal. As Olivia said, "#perfectionislame."

Still, the moral of the story is fans need to stop bullying Olivia (or any woman) for their appearance. Sure, her mouth memes were all in good fun, and Olivia joined in on the joke, but it's not OK for fellow contestants or fans to continually pick her apart each week.

Olivia is a beautiful, smart, strong lady and she doesn't deserve for her lasting Internet presence to be about her feet. So, quit Googling them already and watch some videos of her being a badass news anchor instead.

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