Lace Gets Personal About Her Childhood On 'Bach'

There have only been two episodes of The Bachelor 2016 so far, but it's been a serious emotional roller coaster for Lace, who may or may not be this year's villain. After stressing out about Ben not making eye contact with her during the rose ceremony on the premiere episode, on Monday, she was still upset that she was not getting enough time with him. So what did she do? During Monday night's rose ceremony, she made sure to take him aside and open up about some personal stuff. Except it was kind of confusing? And in the process, Lace admitted she was dorky in childhood. So, what did Lace look like when she was younger? I investigated and she looked totally normal, so...

In case you missed it, her confession went something like this:

I was very dorky looking when I was a kid. I would love to show you pictures. Can I tell you one picture? One picture, I had these devil bangs, two little bangs curled right here, it was great. My dad was like, Roseanne, Roseannadanna [from SNL ], right? OK. And my brothers on the school bus would be like, "You're not my sister, I don't know you." So, this is really a lot for me to tell you right now. I'm really nervous to talk to you. I just have a part of me that I'm working on.

But, here's the problem: Lace has posted some #TBTs on her Instagram account, and she totally looked like a normal kid. Not dorky at all. Not embarrassing, and definitely not worth her siblings pretending not to be related to her. And in fact, in some of the photos she's shared, she was pretty cute.

See Exhibit A:

Tiny. Adorable. Not dorky.

Exhibit B:

Super 2000s, but totally normal.

Exhibit C:

Totally normal looking teenager, and actually, she was always pretty.

Sorry, Lace, I'm not buying your dorky kid excuse. And, even if she really does feel that way, she definitely shouldn't. She was and is adorable!

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC