Olivia's Battling Back At 'Bachelor' Bullies

The most aggressive contestant on The Bachelor this season is probably Olivia Caridi, but I guess who wouldn’t be aggressive when competing for Ben Higgins’ adorable dimples? Can't fault her for going after what she wants! Olivia also won the First Impression rose of the season, and, because of all of this, Olivia has a target on her back. As with every season of The Bachelor before this one, all of the women in the house are sniping behind Olivia’s back because she is getting so much of Ben’s time. Hey, jealousy! They’re being mean about what Olivia's toes look like (yes, seriously, they’re talking about her toes) and her open-mouthed smile that she does all the time. Even people on Twitter have joined in on the name-calling, but Olivia has taken all of it in stride, poking fun at herself instead of stressing.

I’m not necessarily Olivia’s biggest fan, but people are being really, really mean to her on the Internet. They’re making fun of her face, her mouth, her feet, her job, whatever, and for what? To feel better about themselves? Olivia luckily has a sense of humor, and she’s answering both the naysayers and the fans on her social media to show that she really doesn’t quite care what people are saying about her and her feet. Bustle's Bachelor podcast has a lot of opinions on Olivia, too.

Even though I’m not sure she’ll make it to the end and win Ben’s heart, Olivia deserves to go the distance on The Bachelor. She’s strong, beautiful, smart, and confident, and I really admire that she’s pushing away all of the haters. The Internet can be a dark and scary place when you’re the target of trolls (and I know that from experience). Olivia’s ability to land on her feet and flip the dialogue shows that Ben or no Ben, she’ll be just fine both in and out of the Bachelor mansion.

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Images: Rick Rowell/ABC