11 Amazing Tweets About 'The Bachelor' Week 3 That Every Fan Can Relate To

We're three episodes into Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, and let's just say things are already getting super dramatic. "Connections" are truly forming, stakes are getting higher, people are expressing their opinions in 140 characters or less. Oh wait, no that last part's just on Twitter. Fun fact: There's actually no better way to experience The Bachelor in this modern day and age, than to watch it with your laptop (or phone) in front of you, scouring the social media platform, and incessantly retweeting and liking hilarious things. The people of Twitter — The Bachelor fans heard round the world — they just get it. Unabashed celeb fans, past contestant fans, citizens of the world fans. Unlike the current residents in the Bachelor mansion, everyone's pretty much on the same page.

This week, the ladies after Ben Higgins' heart took it to the field — the soccer field, that is — and things got pretty competitive. Olivia (finally) confessed that there are blogs dedicated to her supposed cankles, Jubilee gave Ben a massage and (spoiler alert), the other woman hated it. Lace decided to follow her heart — er, I mean, tattoo — and all other to be expected things went down as well (tears, jealousy, sexual innuendos about balls). Relive the glory of The Bachelor Season 20, Episode 3 with the following tweets.

1. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Good for you Rachel.

2. The Desert Hot Tub

It's called dedication.

3. Honestly, Yes

Olivia is gold.

4. We Can Only Hope

You do you, Lace. (And by you I mean, Bachelor in Paradise. Please.)

5. Society May Or May Not Be Doomed

But in the best way possible. If that's a thing.

6. Couples Who Slay Together, Stay Together

If that isn't foreshadowing, I don't know what is.

7. Agreed

Way to think ahead.

8. So True

It's been 75 seasons. Come on, guys, kiss quietly.

9. Closed Captioning

Sad, sad, piano music.

10. We All Had This Teacher

HEY. Everything means something. It has to.

11. Fake Panic Attacks Are A Gift

No really. I. Can't. Wait.

The Bachelor and Twitter. Was there ever a pair more perfect for each other? I think not.

Images: ABC