9 Emotions Every 'The Bachelor' Fan Experiences Between Seasons

Bachelor fans, the big day is almost here: On Monday, January 4, the Season 20 of The Bachelor will premiere, so please, prepare your viewing parties now. This time, the ABC show — hosted by America's sweetheart Chris Harrison — will star America's other sweetheart: The adorable, good-natured, Ben Higgins. In just a few short days, Higgins and The Bachelor contestants will head to Agoura Hills, California to find love, laughter, and possible life long partnerships. OK, I guess that part's already happened.

What I really mean is, in just a few short days, we will be subject to witnessing said things in there splendor, grandiosity, and of course, drama. And thank the heavens above, because we've all waited long enough for this. Fans of The Bachelor couldn't be in better spirits at this time. The contestants have been announced, the premiere is nigh. It's all happening.

But, it hasn't been an easy journey. In between seasons of The Bachelor lie a bevy of emotions — both good and bad.

Because we can almost say for certain that this season will be the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet, we might as well regale in all the emotional turmoil we've been subject to, during the time it's been off-air. Here's what you probably go through in between seasons, emotionally, if you're a fan of The Bachelor.

1. Happiness

Coming off the tails of good wishes and will for the happy couple, you feel content with the way things ended and are looking forward to the possibility that the new couple might last! Why wouldn't they, right? They seem so in love. You hang out in this emotional state for a while, until...

2. Concern

They've stopped posting social media images of each other. You see their faces on the cover of magazines in the grocery store, with a zig-zag line down the middle. You know it's coming.

3. Anger

Why do the Bachelors have such an unlucky streak in finding love?! How are the stats this bleak?!

4. Hope

You know who the next Bachelor is going to be, so you put all your hope (perhaps unfairly) into his upcoming season. The next one will get it right, you think. Out loud. At the grocery store, as you stare at the magazine that announces last season's split. This is what the show has done to you.

5. Skepticism

But will he make it work? You want to be hopeful, but you teeter back and forth on skepticism too.

6. Excitement

The day's getting closer, and closer. ABC's about to release names and information regarding the contestants.

7. Curiosity

You look them all up ASAP. You read about them. Know everything there is to know. Play matchmaker in your head. Place bets with your friends — I mean, yourself. You try Googling who wins, but aren't strong enough to read the answer.

8. Anxiety

How will it pan out? Will the new Bachelor find anyone?! What if he doesn't?!

9. Calmness

At this point, you're just looking forward to watching the magic unfold. You're ready. (That, and the people in your life have requested that you stop speaking about it with them, so you really have no choice but to take it down a few notches.)

May the ride of emotional torture/fun continue. Happy Bachelor-ing everyone!

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Images: Felicia Graham/ABC; Giphy (9)