Everything Brad Pitt Has Ever Eaten In A Movie

by Courtney Lindley

Say what you will about Brad Pitt (he seems charming, has soft looking hair, his jawline could probably cut glass, etc.), but don't ever say that the man doesn't know how to eat. On film, at least. If you've ever walked out from one of his movies and thought man... Brad Pitt really likes food, you are not alone. In fact, it almost feels as if Brad Pitt cannot stop eating. Does it just so happen that nearly every character Brad Pitt plays has an insatiable amount of hunger? Does his nonchalant snacking make him seem cool and casual? Perhaps more naturalistic or down to earth? These are the questions that keep me up at night. (Judge that if you will.)

For some of Pitt's films, the incessant eating feels necessary. For instance, in the Ocean's Eleven franchise, the characters would have never had time to sit down and eat a real meal, so it makes sense that Pitt would always be snacking. But what gives with the rest of Pitt's films? You'd be hard-pressed to find a film with the actor that doesn't include at least one shot of him chowing down. Unfortunately, I don't have the answers to these plaguing questions, but I do have a compilation of everything Brad Pitt has ever eaten in a movie. (Because why not?) Hope you're hungry.


Brad Pitt's characters are down with carbs. So far, Pitt has been seen eating a baguette (Inglorious Basterds), a bagel (Mr. and Mrs. Smith), two sandwiches (Meet Joe Black, Devil's Own), and some toast (Meet Joe Black).


Who doesn't love a good dessert? No one. On the menu for this category, Pitt has wolfed down Christmas cookies (Moneyball), regular cookies (Meet Joe Black), cotton candy (Ocean's Eleven), ice cream (Moneyball, Ocean's Eleven), a lollipop (Ocean's Eleven) a popsicle (Burn After Reading), and a Twinkie (Moneyball).


There's nothing that provides a character with more machismo than a scene with meat. Pitt has had chicken breast (Mr. and Mrs. Smith), corned beef and cabbage (The Devil's Own), cheeseburgers (Ocean's Eleven, Moneyball, Kalifornia), ham (Legends of The Fall), meatloaf (Johnny Suede), pot roast (Mr. and Mrs. Smith), and a shrimp cocktail (Ocean's Eleven).


You've got to keep that blood sugar stabilized. Bar nuts (Ocean's Eleven), sunflower seeds (Moneyball), trail mix (Tibet), and peanut butter (Meet Joe Black) have all been known to grace Pitt's mouth.

Room Service/Takeout

Hey. Brad Pitt's characters get lazy too. He can be seen ordering room service in Ocean's Twelve, and gnawing down on some takeout in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Kalifornia, and The Mexican.


The most important meal of the day. Pitt has ingested cereal (Mr. and Mrs. Smith), eggs and bacon (Meet Joe Black), a Jamba Juice smoothie (Burn After Reading), a jelly doughnut (Johnny Suede), and some pancakes (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

Fruits and Vegetables

Though the appearance of healthy food is more rare, Pitt has chowed down on an apple (Fight Club), carrots (Meet Joe Black), and a salad (Ocean's Eleven).

Miscellaneous Snacks

Rounding out the list, we have Pitt eating dumplings (Ocean's Thirteen), nachos (Ocean's Eleven), an olive (Mr. and Mrs. Smith), a peach (Mr. and Mrs. Smith), and of course — human blood (Interview With a Vampire).

Well, shoot. Suddenly, I really want nachos.

Images: Warner Brothers Pictures; NextMovie/Youtube (8)