The One Thing You Should Do For Your Love Life During Mercury Retrograde

If you’re even the teensiest bit familiar with astrology, nothing makes people want to hide somewhere faster than the words “Mercury in Retrograde.” People blame all kinds of things on Mercury's movement, from making communication with others nearly impossible to losing valuables to important deals falling through. Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year, and guess what? We are currently in one right now until the January 25.

When it comes to your love life, it’s usually advised to keep things fairly light — no questions like, “So…where do you see us going?” As the planets dictate, things might not exactly work out in your favor. Mercury being in retrograde is also not the best time to look for new love. But don’t worry, there is one good thing you can do for your love life during this time.

Bustle's Internet Podcast The Chat Room sat down with internationally known author, columnist, television personality, and founder of Astrology Zone, Susan Miller to discuss what 2016 looks like for each sign, including during Mercury Retrograde. While there are many things you shouldn't do during Mercury Retrograde, here’s the one thing the renowned astrologist says you SHOULD do: reconcile.

“It’s a good time to reconcile,” Miller says. “You see anything with the word 're' — readdress, reassign, reconsider —anything with the 're' in front of it is a good thing to address during the retrograde. If you still love that person then make your move.”


Astrology is so mathematical, says Miller. While nothing is definite, and no one can promise that you and your ex will get back together, you’ll definitely get closure. "You’ll hear more things. Your partner will tell you things that maybe you didn’t know before, and it’s great for that,” Miller says.

It’s also a great time to restart work on a project that you once pushed aside. However, it’s not a good time to start a new job, unless it’s with an old boss or company who wants to work with you again.

But just because astrology says you have to be cautious, it doesn’t mean you should hide out in your house until it’s over. As Miller says, “We just have to be more vigilant and alert. That’s all. We can’t stop living.”

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