Why Marvel Might Actually Recast Daredevil

Marvel fans have long waited for a the film and TV universes to meet, but during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Daredevil star Charlie Cox may have inadvertently dashed the hopes of fans. When asked if he had been approached to star in Avengers: Infinity War, Cox suggested Marvel might recast Daredevil for the film. "I haven't received that call yet," Cox said with a laugh when he was asked if he would be in the movie.

Meanwhile, devotees of Netflix's Daredevil series were sent into a panic because this is no laughing matter. "Marvel TV and Marvel Studios are two very different things," Cox told ET. "So even if the character were to appear in that film, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I would appear in that film. I will pick a fight with the guy that they choose."

I know that sounds bad, but before you start petitioning Marvel, it should be noted Cox is only speaking hypothetically. There has been no confirmation from Marvel that Daredevil is even being considered for Avengers: Infinity War . The two part movie is rumored to feature a whopping 67 heroes, but whether or not any of those heroes will come from the TV side of the Marvel universe is still unknown.

Either way, recasting Daredevil for the big screen would be silly when Cox is not only willing to take on the role, but instantly recognizable to Marvel fans. While the TV and movie divisions have established themselves as two different entities, their individual properties still co-exist within the same universe, no matter how tangentially. Marvel didn't recast Hayley Atwell for the Agent Carter series, and she popped up in Ant-Man this past summer as well. Lady Sif actress Jaimie Alexander has appeared in both Thor and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and all of the Marvel TV series are affected by big events that happen in the films.

Recasting a character as prominent as Daredevil for Avengers: Infinity War would destroy the idea that the Marvel universe is connected across mediums. The only thing that is certain right now is Marvel has not reached out to Cox about bringing Daredevil to the big screen. If they decide to add Daredevil to their massive roster of heroes set to fight the good fight in Avengers: Infinity War, I suspect Cox will be the first guy the Marvel execs call. It only makes sense because I think everyone, including Marvel, would agree Cox has made the character of Matt Murdock his own.

Remember, Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 isn't set to hit theaters until 2018. I'm pretty sure Marvel is still assembling its Avengers lineup, so don't count Cox out just yet. If Daredevil joins the big leagues, I expect he will look a whole lot like Cox.

Check out the full interview with Cox and his new Daredevil co-star, Jon Bernthal, below for a few juicy tidbits on Daredevil Season 2. The new season of Daredevil is set to premiere on Netflix March 2016.

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