Scary News For Kristin Cavallari

Scary news for one Laguna Beach alum! Following a car accident on Thursday afternoon, Kristin Cavallari was hospitalized. According to TMZ, she was admitted to a hospital outside of Chicago, and the site claims the injuries are not serious, although she is sore. TMZ also reports that luckily none of Cavallari's three young children were in the car at the time. Cavallari's rep tells Bustle of the news,

She was hit by another driver in Chicago. She is doing fine and will be discharged from the hospital shortly.

It's such a relief that the former Hills star will be OK. It's also good to hear that she'll be released so soon. Still, a car accident is undeniably scary, especially when you are struck by another vehicle. At least some comforting news is that TMZ reports that an eye witness saw Cavallari's husband Jay Cutler arrive at the hospital soon after she did. It's great her husband is there for support.

Hopefully the star will have a speedy recovery and the whole situation will get sorted out quickly! Especially since she's been dealing with a lot lately after the tragic loss of her brother Michael in December. Sending good vibes her way and hoping that the news only gets better from here.