7 Things That Go Wrong When Strobing

While contouring may have been one of the biggest trends in makeup since the bold lip, it's slowly beginning to fade thanks to the latest craze of strobing. Many have called strobing the lazy girl's contour, but these seven things that go wrong when strobing prove that while the method is easier than a full contour and highlight, it's definitely got its challenges. Thankfully, though I've got some solutions to what ails you when it comes to highlighting your face to strobed perfection.

For me, strobing can really be traced back to Gigi Hadid. The incredibly talented young model is known for her perfect brows and her radiant youthful glow. That glow, however, may be aided by some careful strobing. Others, like Khloe Kardashian and even Beyonce herself have embraced the trend. It's become such a popular method for achieving luminous skin that the YouTube tutorials on how to conquer the technique have skyrocketed. Everyone seems to want their highlight to be as on fleek as Jaclyn Hill's.

But how exactly do you strobe? The gorgeous and simple method requires you to apply highlighter to the high points of the face where light would naturally touch it. Cheekbones, nose, forehead, and chin should all receive a dose of highlight, but just because it's more simple than contouring, doesn't mean mistakes can't happen. These seven things that go wrong when strobing prove that easier doesn't mean perfect for everyone.

But there are fixes and tutorials aplenty to help you get your strobing on fleek. Here are the strobing mistakes that can happen and how you can avoid them:

You End Up Looking Oily

Most people want to look dewy, not like the've been out running a marathon in a sweatsuit. Unfortunately, a highlight overdose can do this to a person. It may not be too late to correct, though. If you haven't applied your setting spray or powder yet, go back in with your clean foundation brush and blend, blend blend. This should lessen the appearance of the highlighter.

Your Blending Just Didn't Work Out Well

Blending is your bestie. Like you thought that other person was your bestie? Um, no. When strobing, it's important that you don't end up looking like you've placed streaks of glitter along your cheekbones. This means that you'll need to take that brush and in circular motions blend upward toward the forehead to eliminate that streaky look.

Your Pores Came To Party

Are your pores suddenly looking three times their regular size? I promise it's not you. Don't run for the nearest pore filler just yet. If you're rocking a powder highlight, it just might be accentuating your pore causing them to look larger. While powder highlight is possible, stick to liquids and creams for a smoother appearance.

You've Got The Wrong Shade

What? Highlighters are all the same, right? Wrong. From coppery golds to sparkling peaches, highlights come in all shades, and if you're face is looking like a shimmering pile of mud, this is probably why. You want a highlight that is only a shade or two lighter than your skin. The key to strobing is looking dewy, fresh, and natural, and you can't do that if it looks like you're trying to combine bronzer and highlighter in one product.

You're Still Rocking Bronzer

Put your bronzer down. Now. Like right now. Strobing has zero bronzer involved. If you're feeling like bronzer is bae, you're actually contouring. Serious about giving strobing a go? Just say no to bronzer.

Your Unwanted Facial Hair Is Put In The Spotlight

There's no shame in your peach fuzz. Zero. But if you're not wanting it to be visible, that strobing you've got going on could just emphasize it, especially if you're using a powder. Highlighters are used to bring features forward, even the ones that you don't love. The fix for this, facial hair removal, and hey, shaving has been said to help the skin so why not try two new things at once, right?

You've Achieved Full Lobster Realness

You may have retired that bronzer, but you made up for it with blush. Resist the urge to contour with blush. Blush is a part of strobing, and with nothing to blend into, getting all lobster-esque isn't that hard. Use a light hand with your blush brush and be sure to blend from the apples back toward the ear.

Strobing may not be the easiest trend to master, but with a little help — and maybe some YouTube videos — you can totally master it.

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Image: NikkieTutorials/YouTube; Giphy