Baez Shoots For The Stars On 'American Idol'

The only thing worse than being rejected on American Idol is having to watch a reel of contestants being rejected from American Idol . Seriously, if the producers were looking for tears, they definitely got them. But fortunately for America, the rejection doesn't have a lasting impression on our lives. It did have a lasting impression for 27-year-old Gina Naomi Baez, though. The aspiring pop artist thought her audition would land her among the stars, but the judges ended up leaving her — and her trusty companion, Tinkerbell — to the dogs.

Baez's chances at advancing through to Hollywood were immediately crushed as soon as she and her dog showed up in matching star-covered dresses. Her get-up was entertaining, yes, but it immediately branded her as silly and not to be taken seriously. If this was a Glee audition, she may have been a shoe-in but this is American Idol and, let's be honest, NO one expected her to be Hollywood-worthy. While her costume was funny, her performance of Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Moving" was sub-par and unoriginal. Baez was there purely for entertainment value, not her talent, and certainly delivered on that role.

As silly as Baez's audition was, it was a bit bittersweet. So many people watch Idol just for auditions like hers, and tonight is the last night America will EVER get to see this kind of craziness again. Baez's audition was a reminder of the 14 seasons of pure craziness we've seen before and it definitely hit a sore spot. So even though her audition failed to win her a ticket to Hollywood, it certainly earned her a spot in the Idol Hall of Fame of wackiest auditions ever.

Image: Craig Blankenhorn/FOX