Remember When These Stars Guested On 'SATC'?

by Emily Lackey

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 18 years since Sex and the City first aired in the summer of 1998 (18?! Yes, 18), but it has. It’s time we all come to grips with what a shocking reality that is. But maybe what’s more shocking than how long it’s been since Carrie Bradshaw first entered our lives is how many random cameos super famous people made on Sex and the City. The show, when watched today, is like a who’s who of Hollywood royalty. Seriously, in 2016, the actors who populated the small — but not any less important! — side parts on Sex and the City back in the day are some of Hollywood’s hottest. Just look at some of these famous people you forgot were on Sex and the City.

It’s incredible to see how far they’ve come and how they’ve climbed the Hollywood ladder. In just 18 years (or less for some of them, depending on when they guested), they’ve gone from nabbing guest spots on a television show to totally dominating in Hollywood. Some of them are stars of their own television shows these days.

So let’s take a walk down Sex and the City memory lane and revisit all of the super famous people that you forgot were on this hit HBO show.

1. Elizabeth Banks

Her moment in the SATC sun lasted for all of 15 seconds — she played the wife of a man that Charlotte hits on. Awkward.

2. Alan Cumming

Playing a Dolce and Gabbana stylist, Cumming got Carrie ready for her walk down the runway.

3. David Duchovny

How can anyone forget that time Duchovny played Carrie’s high school sweetheart?

4. Jon Bon Jovi

This rocker played the "hot guy" that Carrie met in her therapist’s waiting room. Though they had a good time together in the beginning, things sadly didn't turn out well for the two.

5. Wallace Shawn

Shawn played the sweetest guy ever, so it's sort of sad that his character was actually first ditched by Carrie’s Vogue editor when he was set up on a date with her. This didn't phase him, though; later, he was spotted accompanying her to a funeral of a woman whose death they both witnessed. What a darling.

6. Jennifer Coolidge

She was Carrie’s friend who was getting over her divorce by throwing a purse party. With really hideous purses.

7. Timothy Olyphant

One of my favorites: Olyphant played the 20-something Carrie was dating for a hot second. It all ended when she saw the harsh reality of his living situation and realized his life was a hot mess.

8. Will Arnett

I hardly remember this one myself: Arnett played the guy Miranda dated who liked to have sex in public places — and only public places.

9. Lucy Liu

One of the few actors to play themselves, Liu showed up as a new client of public relations queen Samantha. Their working relationship dissolved when Sam used Liu's name to buy a coveted Birkin bag, for which there was a multi-year long waiting list for — and Liu found out.

10. Justin Theroux

The casting directors at SATC must have really liked Theroux, because he appeared on the show twice. Once as Stanford’s writer friend in Season 1, and the other time as Carrie’s boyfriend in Season 2 with… ahem… performance problems.

11. Alanis Morissette

As a party guest, Morissette made out with Carrie during a friendly game of spin the bottle.

12. Vince Vaughn

Vaughn played a guy in L.A. who claimed to be Matt Damon’s agent. Spoiler alert: He was not.

13. Heidi Klum

Klum’s appearance was so quick you probably missed it, but remember that time Carrie tripped and fell on the runway during a fashion show she was asked to walk in? Klum was the model that stepped over her and kept right on walking. Auf wiedersehen!

14. Matthew McConaughey

Another rarity: McConaughey played himself in one of the episodes where Carrie is in L.A. He played an actor who met with her to talk about turning her book into a movie.

15. Bradley Cooper

Can you believe it? Cooper played the young guy who — right as he and Carrie were about to initiate a one-night stand — discovered Carrie’s humiliating magazine cover.

16. Sarah Michelle Gellar

She played a producer who wanted to turn Carrie’s book into a film. A novel idea.

17. Kat Dennings

You’d barely recognize her, but Dennings played the 13-year-old rich kid who hired Sam to plan her Bat Mitzvah. A far cry from her broke girl days. (Still, she was f*cking fabulous.)

It’s shocking to see how many famous people were in SATC. Or, rather, how many actors on SATC went on to be famous. Clearly, the show had a hand in helping these people out in their careers.

Image: New Line Cinema; HBO (16); Giphy