These Romantic Movie Quotes Are Def About Pizza

Is there any truer love than the love that exists between a person and their pizza? Of course not! Hollywood has spent a lot of time and money trying to sell me on the idea of romance, but most relationships are doomed. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I feel duty bound to remind you of this fact. I mean Jack loved Rose so much he froze to death in Titanic — but when I run out of pizza I just order another one. With that in mind, it only seems natural to apply all those famous romantic movie quotes to pizza, a subject on which they will not be wasted.

After all, pizza will never leave you at the altar, pizza will never forget to text back, and pizza will never hurt you (unless you're lactose intolerant maybe — but hey, dairy-free pizzas are a thing!). Forget Harry and Sally, Rick and Ilsa, and Baby and Johnny: They've got nothing on pepperoni and cheese, ham and pineapple, and chicken and spinach on a hand-tossed thin crust. The movies have a way with words that I just cannot help but think is being wasted on couples when all those gorgeous lines would be much better off describing the way you feel about pizza.

Allow me to prove my point with these 12 iconic romantic movie lines that could also definitely be about pizza.

1. "You're Everything I Never Knew I Always Wanted." — Fools Rush In

For that special moment when you meet a new pizza that you initially thought would be gross, but turns out to be the light you have been missing in your life.

2. "You Had Me At Hello." — Jerry Maguire

Pizza had your heart from the first bite, there's no point in denying it. You and pizza are forever.

3. "I Was Looking Up… It Was The Nearest Thing To Heaven! You Were There…" — An Affair To Remember

How you feel every single time you see the sign for your favorite pizza joint.

4. "I Wanted It To Be You, I Wanted It To Be You So Badly." — You've Got Mail

You may have blurted this out in front your pizza delivery guy more than once.

5. "I Like You Very Much Just As You Are." — Bridget Jones's Diary

Pizza doesn't judge you and you don't judge your pizza — even when the edges are a little burnt. It's perfect to you.

6. "As You Wish." — The Princess Bride

There is no food in the world as adaptable as pizza. It is designed to make all of your food dreams come true. You want tiny fish and tropical fruit with extra cheese? Pizza makes that happen for you.

7. "You Have Bewitched Me, Body And Soul." — Pride & Prejudice

At a certain point, pizza just becomes a way of life. It is usually around the time you list Domino's as an emergency contact in your phone.

8. "I'll Never Let Go. I Promise." — Titanic

Because the one thing you can be certain about in life is that you will never quit pizza.

9. “Love Is Too Weak A Word For What I Feel — I Luuurve You, You Know, I Loave You, I Luff You, Two F’s.” — Annie Hall

Sometimes, "I love you" just isn't enough to express how you feel about a gorgeous slice of extra cheesy pizza.

10. "I Promise, I'll Come Back For You." — The English Patient

You know it is true love because when you eat a salad, you feel like you are cheating on pizza.

11. "I'm Just... Happy. I've Never Felt That Before. I'm Just Exactly Where I Want To Be." — Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

The way you feel in that perfect moment right before you lift the lid on the pizza box.

12. "I Have Crossed Oceans Of Time To Find You." — Dracula

Because you love pizza so much you will never stop looking for the perfect one.

Now go forth and order some pizza. Nothing can stand between you and your (meat) lovers.

Images: Columbia Pictures; Giphy (12)