7 Sex Toys That Won’t Break The Bank

My most favorite vibrators have always been on the cheaper end of the scale. I’d even go so far as to say that my most expensive vibrators can’t even hold a candle to my inexpensive sex toys. I figure as long as it’s safe for my body, I can’t go wrong.

According to MarketWatch, as of 2014, the sex toy industry reached $15 billion in global sales. MarketWatch also projected that by 2020, the sex toy industry will reach $52 billion a year. That’s a huge amount of vibrators, dildos, anal beads, anal plugs, paddles, strap-ons ― you get the picture. It’s basically a ton of fun stuff.

But as sex toys become more and more mainstream, the quality of them becomes better and better. Sex toy companies are creating these items from materials that aren’t just easier to clean and longer-lasting, but safer on the body, too. While that's great for those of us consumers who spend 30 percent of their income on sex toys (What? You don't?!), it can be really expensive.

Just look at the gold-plated Nell Pleasure Seed by Coco de Mer of London that fetches $18,000 a pop. That’s definitely not something many of us can afford, and even if you could, can anyone rationalize spending that much money on one vibrator? With that type of money, you could buy so many other things and there’s no guarantee that it’s going to blow your mind. If it doesn’t then you’re stuck, because vibrators are NOT an item you can exchange or return.

If you’re looking for sex toys that won’t break the bank, then here’s a list worth memorizing. With these seven toys, all under $50, you’ll actually have money left over for dinner and your phone bill. I call that adulting!

1. Trojan Hot Spot Vibrating Ring

One of the great things about Trojan’s sex toys is that, for those of you who don’t like the idea of going to a sex toy shop, a lot of their products can actually be found in a pharmacy ― which makes sense, because sexual health is just as important any other other type of health. The Trojan Hot Spot Vibrating Ring is a stretchable cock ring with a vibrator on the top of it. It provides maximum clitoral stimulation for you, and the cock ring will help your partner last longer. It also fits comfortably over condoms.

Trojan Hot Spot Vibrating Ring , $9.59, Amazon

2. Babeland Silver Bullet

Until I die, I will stand by the Babeland Silver Bullet as one of the best vibrators around ― and for only $15, it’s like they’re practically giving it away! Although it’s currently out of stock, probably because it’s THAT awesome, it’s a Bableland standard, so they’ll have more again soon.

Bableland Silver Bullet , $15.00, Babeland

3. Babeland Bondage Tape

If you’re into light bondage, but don’t want to drop the $70 or $80 on fancy leather cuffs, then bondage tape is for you. It’s great because unlike regular tape that you have lying around the house, the bondage tape sticks to itself and not you. It can also be used to create full body fetish outfits, although I’m not exactly sure how many rolls that will require.

Babeland Bondage Tape , $18.00, Babeland

4. Thigh Harness

For those looking for a strap-on to try pegging or even vaginal intercourse with a toy but don’t want to spend the $100+, there’s the thigh harness. You get all the benefits of having the control you would with a full harness, but you save money and you get to experience with another angle. Who said harnesses and dildos, must be only strapped to the pelvic region.

Thigh Harness , $32.00, Babeland

5. Ripple Anal Toy

Another sex toy that has become not just more popular because anal play is more mainstream, but more expensive, too, are anal toys. Some anal toys are pretty damn pricey, which is awesome if you have the money, but if you don’t, then you need to try something else. Ripple is exactly the toy for those who enjoy anal play and don’t want to skip buying groceries next week because they splurged for an expensive anal toy. It's shape and multiple size, makes is a perfect anal toy for every collection.

Ripple Anal Toy , $19, Amazon

6. Trojan 2-In-1 Vibrating Ring And Finger Massage

Because I firmly believe that every sex toy list should include at least one couples sex toy, I’m opting for the Trojan 2-In-1 Vibrating Ring And Finger Massager for a couple reasons. For starters, it’s fun (I just gave it a whirl during Snowstorm Jonas). Secondly, it’s on the cheaper side of the couples sex toy realm. As much as I love my We-Vibe and Eva and I firmly believe that each one, although being over a $100, is definitely worth it, if we’re sticking to a budget, then this vibrating ring and finger massager is exactly what you want.

Trojan Vibrations Fingertip Massager , $8, Amazon

7. Bootie Prostate Massager

Getting back to anal play, the Bootie is probably one of the most inexpensive prostate massager you will find. Many prostate massagers will run you upwards of $200 or $300, and that's no very feasible for everyone. The shape and silicone material of the Bootie, make it a comfortable and stimulating fit that anyone with a prostate will enjoy tenfold.

Bootie Prostate Massager , $34, Babeland

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