Kylie Jenner Teases New Lip Kit Color... But What Will It Really Look Like?

What's the youngest Kardashian sister up to now? Well, Kylie Jenner is officially working on the new lip kit for Valentine's Day, and it promises to be quite the hit. After all, she made quite a stir with her debut collection of lip products (they literally sold out of products in a minute — luckily, they were eventually restocked) — and now it looks like she plans to do just the same with her second collection, which even happens to come armed with a new formula.

She recently took to her well-followed Instagram to tease the latest color from the collection — she showcased a quick clip of herself at the factory, helping to manufacture the new shade... except, with one fairly major caveat: She posted it in black and white (curse you, Inkwell filter!). Oh, and of course, the video clip comes captioned with the hashtag #secretcolor. Why must you tease us so, Kylie?

That said, if you look closely at the colorless clip, you can tell that the shade is definitely on the darker side — which is quite exciting, especially given Kylie's flair for the dramatic. So, what'll it be? Black cherry? Oxblood? '30s film star fuchsia?

Her first collection exclusively contained the '90s-approved shades of nude and brown she so often wears, but it looks like she'll be branching out a bit with her second Lip Kit — after all, earlier this month, she revealed that one of the new shades would be an HD shade of dusky fuchsia (dubbed "Posie K" by the fans), a deep pink with more than a hint of purple.

Kylie's definitely known for her penchant for matte nudes, but when she brings the drama, she brings the drama. Cases in point?

At Vera Wang's Show at NYFW

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The very definition of chocolate.

At Kris Jenner's 60th Birthday Party

Jenner's definitely got the chutzpah to stun in Gatsby-esque maroon.

At the Los Angeles Premiere of The Gallows

David Buchan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

... and the true red to end all true reds.

Given that it's billed as a Valentine's Day collection, my money's on something ultra-romantic, like the deep true red seen above, or a vixen-esque dark cherry.

Images: Instagram