How Did Emily Lose Her Dad's Money On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Her Financial Troubles Had To Come From Somewhere

We've seen the Liars face impossible situations throughout the last few years, but the most unbelievable hurdle they've managed to tackle thus far involves the insane amount of success they've achieved so shortly after college. Hanna's a top-level fashion designer; Aria is dominating the publishing industry, and Spencer is taking Washington D.C. by storm. And somehow we're all supposed to believe this happened just one year after college. Yeah, OK! On behalf of twenty-somethings everywhere, let me assure you that this not a correct representation of post-college life. However, there is one person who hasn't magically rocketed up the corporate ladder: Pretty Little Liars ' Emily Fields. Not only has she lost her dad, but Emily is suffering from serious financial troubles after apparently losing her dad's money as well as her college scholarship.

So basically she's broke and has no idea what she wants to do with her life — finally a Liar I can now fully relate to! In all seriousness, though, it has definitely been a rough five years for poor Emily. I mean, losing a parent is devastating in and of itself, but add mystery treatments and money problems into the mix and it's almost too much to bear. Our girl deserves better than this. But in order to fix things, we first need to figure out what caused all of this in the first place — mainly in regards to Emily's financial troubles. How did she end up losing all of her dad's money in the first place? Let's weigh out our options and see where all of that dough could've gone...

Her Treatments Are Expensive

We know that Emily has been getting some sort of medical attention for a while now, but it's unclear what exactly it's for. Some people believe this is all part of her attempt to solve her money problems (like donating her eggs), but it could also end up being the cause of her lack of cash flow. Maybe Emily discovered she had a serious illness and decided to spend all of her dad's money on treatments so that her mom wouldn't find out and worry.

She Gave It All To A Friend

Emily has always been an extremely kind person. In fact, she's probably one of the sweetest characters on the show. So it wouldn't surprise me if she used all of the money she had in order to help someone else out. She's always thinking of others and may have thought her scholarship would be enough to go on for a while. But then she lost it, and things began to unravel.

She's Facing Gambling Debts

I'd hate to think that Emily would waste the money so carelessly. But like she told Toby, after her dad's death, life didn't make sense. You couldn't see the point in anything. Perhaps gambling and taking high risks was the only way Emily was able to feel anything at all. There's no way of telling how dark things got for her throughout that traumatic process.

She Hired A Private Eye

The exact circumstances surrounding her father's death have yet to be revealed, but maybe Emily thinks that foul play was involved and decided to hire a P.I. to look into what happened. After all, it wouldn't be the first time on this show where a death turned out to be more than what it seemed.

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