B On 'Pretty Little Liars' May Be A Familiar Face

As Season 6A of Pretty Little Liars came to a close, many of our questions were answered — A was finally unmasked as Charlotte DiLaurentis, Ali's attacker was revealed, and Marion Cavanaugh's murder was resolved. (What the heck, Bethany?) But, Season 6B of Pretty Little Liars has barely kicked off and a whole new crop of questions and mysteries has already arisen. The 6A finale led us to believe that our main question would be "who is he?" but the plot thickened when Charlotte turned up dead just hours after being released from the hospital — and the Liars remain unaware that yet another Big Bad is about to target them. Knowing I. Marlene King, it's entirely possible that Charlotte's killer and B are two totally different people, but let's take this mystery one step at a time and explore the possibility that Lucas is B on Pretty Little Liars.

I know, I know — this feels like déjà vu because Lucas was a prime suspect (and arguably a red herring) throughout the ongoing A saga. Still, that doesn't mean we should rule out his involvement in Season 6B's mystery. We don't have a lot of major clues yet, but at this point it seems that B may be directly targeting Ali and the Liars are (once again) collateral damage. Lucas has both motive and more than one potential accomplice, so here are five reasons we should keep a close eye on him this season:

1. Brendan Robinson Hinted He'll Be Important

Prior to the Season 6A premiere, Brendan Robinson (the actor who plays Lucas) was interviewed by Fashion & Style and potentially dropped a major clue — he stated that in Season 6: "I will hint that Lucas will be involved — but I can't say how exactly." As it turned out, Lucas was briefly onscreen once during Season 6A and it was only in a photo because he was Jenna's prom date. Not exactly groundbreaking or memorable stuff, so it's hard to believe the prom photo is what Robinson was referring to. It's possible he was deflecting attention from A's true identity — but I think it's more likely that he's poised to play a major role in Season 6B.

2. His Friendship With Mona

Lucas' friendship with Mona was certainly complicated — but he did seem to genuinely care for and about her. Mona is currently quite high on my suspect list for Charlotte's murder, mainly because she did such a major 180 in her testimony. She went from insisting that Charlotte be put away for life to testifying on her behalf. It's likely that Mona wanted Charlotte released so she could take "justice" into her own hands. It's entirely possible that Lucas either helped Mona killed Charlotte, or he did the deed on her behalf — after all, it wouldn't be the first time Lucas has assisted Mona in committing sinister deeds.

3. He May Still Be Seeking Revenge On Ali

Sure, Lucas didn't turn out to be A — but we shouldn't take that as evidence that he's forgiven and forgotten the fact that Ali put him through hell when they were classmates. If Charlotte's killer and B are one and the same, Lucas could have killed Charlotte in order to make Ali suffer the loss of her sister — but that revenge alone wasn't enough, so next he'll target the original mean girl herself.

From the few clues we've gotten about who "he" may be, it seems like this individual is far more interested in hurting Ali than her friends. In the Season 6A finale, the Liars tell Ali "we came back here for you," which indicates that B is targeting Ali and the others have stayed in Rosewood solely to protect her.

4. He Could Be Conspiring With Jenna

Lucas' only appearance in Season 6A was in Jenna's prom photo — but that could potentially be a major clue, because we know how conniving Jenna can be and I can totally picture these two working together to target Ali. After all, nothing on Pretty Little Liars is a coincidence and I. Marlene King has confirmed that Jenna has a storyline in Season 6B. Both Jenna and Lucas have been AWOL since "How the 'A' Stole Christmas" and that brief prom photo in the Season 6A finale. Maybe they've both been offscreen because they're busy cooking up a conspiracy to hurt Ali.

5. He's Been Present Since Season 1

Although he's drifted in and out of Rosewood High and his amount of screen time has varied throughout the show's run, Lucas has been present since Season 1 — and it would definitely be satisfying to make B a character we've known since the day we became addicted to Pretty Little Liars back in 2010. The fact that he's been absent recently is even more reason to suspect him, because Charlotte was missing from Season 6A until she was ultimately unmasked as A. Showrunners may be limiting his screentime until the next big reveal, just like they did with Charlotte.

If the A mystery was any indication, we have a long wait before we get any answers about B's identity — but, for now, I'm keeping Lucas high on my suspect list.

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