'AHS' Season 6 Needs Evan Peters & Emma Roberts

There was a void on American Horror Story: Hotel . Emma Roberts moved over to Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens, and while she created a character that I'll be quoting for the rest of time, she was clearly absent from the strange happenings of the Hotel Cortez. Evan Peters, her on-again, off-again significant other and co-star, played the maniacal Mr. March. While he was great — read: terrifying — the magical duo was severely lacking, leading some fans to wonder if both Evan Peters and Emma Roberts will return to American Horror Story Season 6.

Peters and Roberts, who were previously engaged but broke it off in June 2015, are reportedly back together. Peters recently posted an Instagram video that suggests that he and Roberts were back in the "girlfriend/boyfriend" stage, which, as a fan of the couple, is great news. But, now that they're back on, I can't help but wonder if their future American Horror Story roles will reflect them as a couple, or maybe pit them against each other.

Both actors have both said that they're already thinking about Season 6 in separate interviews. Variety reports that Peters has already been thinking about what type of role he'd like to play in the upcoming season, which seems promising for a return. Roberts also spoke about her future on the show, noting to Yahoo that because she wasn't in Season 5, she definitely wants to work something out for Season 6.

The two played love interests in American Horror Story: Freak Show, with Peters as Jimmy Darling and Roberts as Maggie Esmerelda. Personally, it was difficult to deny the chemistry between the two (they even had a moment in Coven) which could lead Ryan Murphy to cast them opposite each other in a couple role once again.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Personally, I think that it would be more interesting to see the two play against each other. Roberts spoke out about her future role on the series, mentioning that she and Murphy would work on something "amazing and devilish" for Season 6, making me think that we could see Chanel Oberlin 2.0 as the real villain of American Horror Story. Contrast that with someone kind and innocent (Peters), and I think that would be a really interesting dynamic.

While I totally support the two as a couple IRL, come on Ryan Murphy, let's test the boundaries and make them enemies on the series.

Images: Michele K. Short/FX