11 Sex Hacks For Broke Girls

by Gina M. Florio

When you're short on money, it can feel like you're limited. There are only so many bars you can hop around to on the weekends with your friends, and you can't exactly bring home all of those high-waisted jeans you've recently become obsessed with. I should know, because I've been there before, many, many times. One thing you shouldn't have to worry about your finances affecting, though, is your sex life.

You don't need a plethora of pricey sex toys and props in order to reach life-altering orgasm, and you don't need them to keep sex interesting and exciting, either. There are more than enough ways for you to have great sex on the regular without throwing down extra cash, and this holds just as true for those of us flying solo as it does for the couples.

Whatever your romantic or financial situation is, my guess is you could use some extra thrill between the sheets. You deserve it, in fact. Contemplate your sex life for a moment, and ask yourself what it is you're missing out on. Maybe you want to explore your own body a little more, or you want to experiment with different kinds of orgasms. No matter what you're looking for, chances are at least one of these sex hacks will help you reach your goals. And, yes, everyone should have sex goals.

Here are 11 sex hacks for the girls out there who aren't rolling in cash.

1. Experiment With Femoral Sex

Never heard of femoral sex? It was news to me too. It's essentially sex without vaginal penetration, and it's done when a man thrusts his penis in between closed thighs. Say the two of you ran out of condoms, or you've yet to get your hands on your next round of birth control, yet you still want to play it safe. Give this alternative a shot. You may come to love it.

2. Practice Kegel Exercises Every Day

It's one of the most popular and widely talked about vagina-related tips out there — and for good reason. The more you practice these pelvic floor strengthening exercises, the tighter your vagina will be. As a result of your Kegel dedication, your orgasms will be stronger and you'll have more control over your lady parts in any sexual situation. You can pump out a few rounds before you're even done reading this article, and it doesn't cost a thing.

3. Use Pillows & Blankets As Props

Toss a cushion underneath your hips mid-act, and be blown away at how much difference a few inches can make in finding the right angle. Your partner will love the elevation too. Feel free to experiment with similar items in any other position as well. Another great tip: lean your chest on a pillow when you're on hands and knees and your sweetheart is behind you. The orgasm is said to be extra delicious.

4. Incorporate A Chair Into Your Sex Positions

There's got to be at least one usable chair in your apartment that can be doubled as a sex throne (preferably one without armrests). You'd be surprised at how many different ways you and your partner can benefit from the simplest of furniture. Start with the classic — you on top while the two of you face each other. You'll find that you get more space to play around with your hips in this position, paving the way for a new kind of climax. At the very least, one of you can use it for a little striptease to kick things off.

5. Transform Your Accessories Into Bondage Gear

That bandana you wear in the summer makes the perfect blindfold, and your favorite patterned scarf was born to bind your partner's hands behind their backs. If you're are into this kind of stuff, you don't have to get online and spend a fortune to create a collection of sex toys. There are plenty of items lying in your apartment whose uses can be improvised.

6. Learn About Pressure Points

Thankfully, Google is still free to use. It is also well-equipped with lots of information about which points, when stimulated, can seriously enhance your orgasmic experiences. Find out where on your own body is super sensitive, and if you're working with a partner, do some experimenting on them too.

7. Hydrate Yourself Before Sex

It might be your first instinct to open the wine floodgates to get yourself in the mood, but you're only sabotaging your sexy self. Alcohol dehydrates you and could potentially dry out your vagina before you even start the parade. It's much better — and much, much cheaper, I might add — to drink lots of water pre-sex. Not only will it keep you lubricated down there, it will give you more energy to get moving.

8. Take Your Sex Life To New Places

The bedroom can only be so exciting after all those years; your lady parts could probably use a different view. You don't need to escape to a fancy hotel, though, to indulge in a new place. Even just moving your business from one room to another can spice things up.

9. Wear Socks

There's one study done by a Dutch researcher that has been taking the Internet by storm for awhile now. Apparently, a woman's prefrontal cortex and amygdala are soothed when her feet are warm and cozy, meaning she experiences less danger, and can reach climax more smoothly. An amazing 50 percent of women in the study reported reaching orgasm, but that number rose to 80 percent after socks were handed out.

They don't need to be pretty. They don't even need to match. (Though you could invest in a special pair of O'Sox, made just for this purpose.)

10. Say Sweet Things To Each Other Every Day

Positive reinforcement feels good for everyone, and it plays a very important role in your sex life. Believe it or not, building each other up in everyday situations will heighten your ability to reach a mind-blowing orgasm later on at night. Don't wait until you're ripping off each other's clothes to tell your partner they've got beautiful eyes, either. Make it a habit of being nice at all hours of the day.

This translates to being nicer to yourself too; your vagina will be happier with you, and probably more willing to perform, if you pay yourself compliments more often.

11. Have Sex At Different Times Of The Day

Are you a morning person? Fine, but don't get too attached to your a.m. routine. Decide on some afternoon delight instead, or get down and dirty when nighttime hits. This can be another layer of variety added to your sex life, one that will surprisingly amp things up without breaking your wallet along the way.

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